Extensions - where to find them?

Still learning about Roon and want to see what Extensions are all about. But clicking on the Extensions option in Settings shows nothing there. Is there a list of available extensions and how to use them etc ?

Don’t think there is a list but they are all discussed in Tinkering:

@Jan_Koudijs has built a repository manager that has attracted a number of extensions…

Not sure I am following all this. When I used Logitech Media Server there was a settings page called Plugins. This listed all the available and currently enabled programmes. I suppose I expected Roon to show something similar. I have looked at the Tinkering section and there.s some discussion about individual extensions but not how to find or use them ( I am purely a Mac user). In Roon Settings / Extensions there is a View option ( which finds nothing) but no configuration or selection or installation option. I am still on the trial version of Roon ( another 5 days . . . ) if that makes any difference.

It is in the Tinkering section for a very good reason! I think that Roon expected the community to write all the extensions (there are no official Roon written ones as far as I know), but they have built up very slowly over the last 6 years or so.
Even now, and rather disappointingly, Roon’s own devices, ROCK and Nucleus cannot run extensions on their own, but need a helper device on your network to run the associated code (a Raspberry Pi will work). Macs and PCs can run the necessary code, so if you have one of those as Roon Core, it is can all be installed and run on the one device.
As Geoff wrote above, a few Roonies have written Extension managers that make life a little easier, so I would start by reading up on them.

I offer some nice commercial Roon Extensions for an easy start here https://rooExtend.com

What you need is a Raspberry Pi (best Pi4) a SD-Card and then you go.
Please also watch my videos giving some ideas how Roon Extensions work.

Probably end of February I will include the Application Manager into my SD-Card image which will offer the whole world of Roon Extensions in one simple package.

Best DrCWO


I use @Jan_Koudijs Roon Extension Manager, for Sharon, Quebot, Alarm and most especially Random radio.

I’m also interested in your Apple Watch app. If I flash your image on my RPi will I be still able to access the above extensions?



Hi @Sloop_John_B,
I am sorry but currently not. You need two Raspberrys at the moment :sleepy:

I got the approval from @Jan_Koudijs to integrate the Application Manager in my rooExtend-SD-Card image. This will be done with v3.0.0 so still on the todo list.

Probably rooExtend v3.0.0 will be released in April.
Best DrCWO

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i actually have the application manager on an virtual dietpi in windows so i can have both, your’s on a Pi and Jan’s on a virtual Pi - that’s good news, especially as i just bought an micro SD card as the ones I had were 8GB.



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