Extreme distorted sound when playing music via Roon

I am a newbie here (trial period) and played music for the first time via Roon this weekend (after importing my iTunes database last week). Checked all threads concerning distorted sound here but did not find anything that helps me.
First i should say that everything plays perfectly when i switch back from Roon to Pure Music player (everything else remains the same).

My system:
Macbook Air 2017 (High Sierra); Roon Core; Music on external USB Drive.
Music Flow:
Roon -> Dirac 1.1 (as an output device) -> Stello U3 -> Kondo KSL DAC

I also tried the headroom setting up to -20 dB in the DSP settings. nothing helps.
Music sounds absolutely terrible with total distortion, definately not listenable; never got distorted sounds like that before …

Can somebody help me, please?


Did you check the Dirac threads?

Meanwhile i studied any report here on Dirac, distortion etc.
Tried (nearly?) any possible setting, including the often recommended “2 buffer size…”; used DSP-headroom up to 20 dB, integer, non integer, exclusive and non exclusive mode etc etc etc.
Nothing helps, the sound is horribly distorted, so Roon is currently and SADLY not useful for me. I need Dirac.

Yes, i know, i should try the new Beta 2.0 of Dirac - but i definately will not do this. Read any report on different forums concerning the new Dirac and it is full of bugs and as i do not have much time to consume music i will not waste this with beta-testing for a product that i paid for.

I am indeed kind of sad not using Roon further, as it provides far better optics, speed and above all the best album information at all. And it works without Dirac also soundwise. But i need Dirac - so i cannot longer use Roon. It´s a pity. But that is what trial periods are for …


Hello @Matthias_Josch,

I appreciate your patience here. I’ve discussed this with the technical team and we are going to open an investigation with our QA team, so they can schedule some time to perform further testing.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a timeline of when this testing will occur or when this behavior will be resolved, as soon as we have any further news we will be sure to let you know. Thanks!

hi noris,

yes, please keep me informed because i really like everything in Roon as opposed to the behavior Roon/Dirac.
if this can be solved, than i will try Roon again.
maybe Dirac 2.x solves the problems, too. but currently this is a pot of bugs and i will not install it.


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