Failed Ungrouping

The pic says it all:

The sequence was:

  1. Initial state everything ungrouped
  2. Listening to Yggy, I grouped Living Room for awhile
    2b. I turn off Yggy without ungrouping
  3. Later, I attempt to ungroup Yggy and Living Room (Yggy was still off by mistake). Pic is taken.

The problem is minor. But Roon is showing Yggy as both a grouped and ungrouped endpoint, at the same moment in time. Repeating the ungrouping, with Yggy turned on, fixed the display.


I don’t follow. On the right, both are grouped … and on the left both are listed as part of a grouped zone (Living Room is checked as currently in zone.)

Also, I assume the Yggy is connected to a Pi-based endpoint, so the fact the Yggy is off is irrelevant here?

ah, you are correct. I didn’t read the headings correctly (or at all). BUT, the Yggy and Living Room failed to ungroup with the Yggy off.

Never mind the pic; I jumped at conclusions; sry.

The Yggy isn’t an endpoint; it’s a connected DAC. Was your Roon Bridge connected to the network and powered on?

Martin, Thanks but “never mind.” Embarrassing user error.

I had selected Yggy and clicked Ungroup, thinking this would ungroup everything connected with Yggy.

It actually works by clicking Living Room then Ungroup. Doh.

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