Fanless mini PC to run ROON

Hello, I currently run ROON on my windows 10 laptop and was thinking about getting one of these for the living room and wondered whether I could install ROON on it so my laptop wasn’t on so often or for so long?

I see other combinations are available. Might a more powerful one be a better option?

Thanks in advance


It should work OK but Windows plus your Roon database might be a lot for a 64gb SSD. And 8 gig might be a better fit. However if you were able to test it with ROCK and it worked, that spec would be fine.

I guess you mean Roon core. Probably OK if you don’t do heavy DSP or have many endpoints. The clock seems a little slow.

This looks like a better bargain -

I’ve had a BeeLink in the past and was satisfied.

I would try to stick with a current or at least recently release CPU model…4200 is 4th generation IIRC and we are now into 8th gen CPU’s

I run my core on one of these at the moment…no problem at all, even using DSP upscaling to 24/384

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Thanks everyone for your replies.