Fatal error installing latest Roon for windows 32 bit

Hi I was asked to install the latest version of Roon in my windows 7 32 bit PC:

After I downloaded it and relaunched Roon I got this error:

Any idea on what it is the issue?
At the moment I cannot use Roon on this PC to control my core audio server…

Hi @Maurizio_Iosa,

Since it was an upgrade from a really old version, you might try deleting Roon remote from this computer and reinstalling. You can download the new software from the Roonlabs website here.

See if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Maurizio_Iosa,

Can you describe your PC (make/ model / cpu / gpu / ram)?

Thank you Greg I already did it many times restarting it… I even installed Roon server but still same issue…


I rurn alsoan ASUS P5 Deluxe motherboard.
It is a quite old pc but it still works fine… and it is ok as Roon controller…
I am installing the Net Framework… I hope it can solve it…

Unfortunately it didn’t work.
I have an Ati Radeon HD 4800 graphic interface with the driver updated…
Any more suggestions?

@Maurizio_Iosa, have you installed the latest version of the graphics driver available directly from AMD? Using the driver update functionality built into Windows 7 usually does not work, especially since Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft in just a few weeks.

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Thank you Allan I did as you suggested and it worked! :blush:
Great support in this forum!
Thank you to you all!
Happy new year!!

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