Fatal Error: OpenGL required

In the process of troubleshooting Black Screen of Death issues on my Mac Mini music server, I tried reinstalling my Roon Core. I had no trouble installing it the first time (a few days ago) but now I’m getting this “OpenGL required” fatal error.

My computer is a 2014 Mini, latest Mac OS X, 1TB fusion drive, 16GB RAM.

Hi Tom,
Did this occur with “RoonServer” or “Roon” (with GUI)?
Are you using your MacMini headless (without a display connected)?

Have you tried re-booting your Mac? This happened to me today, albeit with an Alpha 1.3 build and re-booting my Mac solved it.

The error message occurred when I tried to install Roon (with GUI). This is the same version - I think - that I successfully installed a few days ago. I did get it to install today with the server version. Since I do intend to use the Mini headless (except for system administration), I suppose the server version will be fine (although on occasion it might have been nice to display the UI on my TV, for guests).

Now, why did I go to the trouble of re-installing? The reason is that this morning when I logged in remotely to the Mini, I had a Black Screen of Death. I tried various trouble-shooting approaches, including 2 attempts to reinstall OS X. What finally worked was to log in in “safe mode” as an admin user and delete the account that held my music library. If my Unix skills were better, maybe there would have been a way to log in through a Terminal (shell) and kill whatever processes apparently were hogging the machine (if that is indeed what was happening).