Favorite versions of Auld Lang Syne?

At this time of year, I am reminded of my first odd experience with Roon search, but, more importantly, I love interesting takes on this classic song. Perhaps my favorite — which is from Ronnie Browne — is highlighted below:

(The Robert Shaw Chorale version is very special as well.) What are your favorite versions of Auld Lang Syne?

Well, it’s a “take” on the song. :blush: Late to the New Year’s party, but of course, Dan Fogelberg’s Same Auld Lang Syne for a tearjerker version. Ignore the goofy fan video, which is horrible. It should be dark outside . . . and snowy . . . and the 1970s!

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I’m a bit late to this thread. :blush:

I love this version (on DVD-A multichannel).


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