Auld Lang Syne - search results

Happy new year to all! I have 9 versions of Auld Lang Syne in my collection, but Roon only finds 6 during a search. See attached for search showing 6, and me playing 6 out of 9. (Not counting the Dan Fogelberg track which I don’t expect it to include.) What gives?

Here is what DS Audio finds (9 versions) - and Roon can find these, too, if I search by something other than the title:

Update - filtering by track name in the “Tracks” browser works correctly, showing me all 9. Only the search seems broken (still).

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This issue still has not been resolved as of today’s release:

…and the topic was closed 11 hours ago (doh!) so that I have to post to this new thread. Can you please look into this sort of behavior? If you need details about my system, I can provide them.

Reopening it for you.

Thanks! I appreciate that. Don’t know why the screen shots are broken.