Favorites question

I have pressed the “heart” icon to select some songs as favorites - how do I find these with the IPad app?


There should be a button at the top of each browser, which will filter to your Track favorites, Album favorites, etc.

Remember that favorites are specific to each profile. Thanks for the question!

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The filter for favorites only seems to work on Tracks (not albums/artists). This is crazy and needs to be fixed


Hi @Frank_DeMello Frank,

On my PC and iPad:
If I’m in the artist browser and click favorites I see my favorite artists.
If I’m in the album browser and click favorites I see my favorite albums.
If I’m in the track browser and click favorites I see my favorite tracks.

Do you not see same?

No. I only see my favorites in Tracks (not in Artist/Album views). At both the Core & the Remotes. Please see my 3 attachments:

Thank you

Hi again,

I suspect that you have only favourited tracks, are you sure you have specifically favourited albums (or artists)?

Favouriting a track does not automatically make the associated album or artist(s) a favourite.

This is an example of a favourited album from my system. Note the blue heart icon, tapping it rotates through favourite, blocked, normal.

Thank you for the response. I Think that is it. Roon does not make anything easy from my standpoint (coming from JRiver). First it won’t read my meta data where I have rated my favorites 5 star. I thought I could get around that tagging the tracks as favorites (at a considerable time expense). Have no idea why if I have tagged a track in an album those tracks would not show up in the album/artist view when I select favorites.
I see what they tried to do (teating a favorited artist/album differently) but not sure it makes sense for me. If I’m in the track view I do not see the graphic content (covers) that I would in album/artist.

I really want to like Roon but am struggling. On a free 1 yr sub and not sure if I will continue unless I can figure out how to manage through theses issues

PS I also do not have as much luck cycling through favorite/blocked/normal. There must be only certain views that it works normally in. Certainly does not work for me when playing songs which is the key point I would want to add/change a rating.

Thank you for your help

Hi Frank,

There’s a distinction to made here … clearly there are some bugs in Roon that need to be addressed but those should not be confused with design choices … Roon is never going to work as per JRiver or other media players … it is it’s own animal that some will like whilst others may not. I guess it’s down to us as individuals to determine if Roon as a whole works for us or not.

I agree that track view is still quite simplistic, that’s maybe why I don’t using it much.

There is a feature request section of the forum where you well … make suggestions … but do search it first as there may be an existing topic for example. The Roon developers do read, even if they do not acknowledge, it helps them with product direction.

As for metadata Roon v1.3 is all about improved metadata editing and manipulation … but we will have to wait to launch to see what it delivers.

Understood. Willing to continue down this path due to Roon’s promise. Thanks for your feedback.

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