Favoriting artists from TIDAL

Yes this makes zero sense.
If Roon now is my main interface why can’t I favorite an artist from Tidal?
I now have to go to Tidal and add as favorite to then see it as a favorite ONLY if I go to Tidal Favorites within Roon. It should be synced, same with play lists.

Hi @Magnus_Back,

Artists in Roon come from albums that are in your library. If you add an album from an artist to your library that artist will then appear in the Artists Browser in Roon.

Yes I figured that out. You can add an album to your library and then favorite the artist.
Where can I see what I have favorited?
Does Roon use Favorites for anything, like recommendations?

Hi @Magnus_Back,

On the Artists browser you can click the heart icon to view all Favorited artists from Roon.

Favorites are mostly used as a way to help filter and find your favorite content.

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