Favoriting Still Buggy

Still no progress on correcting the Love Button (first reported in 2015)? Sometimes it works, sometimes it refuses to acknowledge my request.

I suggest and hope you will reclassify this bug as ‘important’. Its a bug that really bugs! Thanks for listening.

Are you using TIDAL? IIRC you can only favourite a track once it is included in your collection.

Yeah, the albums in question were in my library; some TIDAL albums, some owned. No discernible pattern.

I assume you favorite a track while it is playing, it probably briefly lights up white then changes back to a non-white heart. This happens to me as well quite often but when I open that particular album the track was located in I find that the heart is white there pretty much every time.

Strange behavior as sometimes (about 20%) when I favorite a track from the queue the heart stays white, most times it briefly lights white then reverts back to non-white and as stated above when I check the album of that track the track is whited there. Why can’t it stay white on the queue screen if the album is already part of my library?

I’ve had similar and occasional problems. Put it down to user error. I’ll try again when I’m home.

Surely this “fickle heart” isn’t a case of perverse logic. And Martin, I’d just bet you can click on a button; I will claim that user error isn’t possible.

Nope, I’d say this is a programming error.

And while honest people will disagree with the severity of this bug, I have probably lost today, in a sea of 15,000 tracks, the work I’d like to listen to again someday.

It goes to the heart of what Roon says it is about — provide a good, rich browsing experience.

But, if the heart can’t function reliably, I would vote to take it away. No sense being teased with possible functionality.

But, I could be wrong.

Sometime since the last post, but I’ve just experienced an issue with favouriting. Indeed, the track (local flac) was already a favourite but only an outline of the heart was displayed. When I clicked it blinked solid and returned to outline.

I then clicked on the album, pressed play again and the heart was solid. Clicking moved through ban, un-favourite, favourite…