Favourite Artists Error

Hi , in this screenshot there is a grey box , and you can favourite artists stop at A. It looks like the grey box is stooping any other updates. I deleted all artists after Autechre in Tidal to see is that was the problem . But its still there. Anyone seen this before ?

Fixed it deleted Autechre

Ok this is frustrating , its not fixed. Essentially any artist that appears after , so one after ATV , then after that it gets the grey box treatment. Is there a limit of favourite artists on the trial ?

Thanks for the report @Tony_McEvoy – I can reproduce a bug here, so I’ll open a ticket in our internal tracker and get this fixed.

For now, I seem to be able to work around it by going back to my main Tidal browser, and reloading my favorite artists (meaning, clicking “View All” again). Does that work for you?

Edit: Actually, thats not working in all cases. We’re looking into this @Tony_McEvoy – stand by.

That doesn’t work , I can see them all in tidal but not in roon. Will it take long to fix ?

How many artist favorites do you have?

We’ll know more about timelines once the developer looks at the ticket. Stand by.

200 artists