Feature: case management / ticketing system for support vs. pure forum

Roon should provide basic ticketing / case management for support. Having a forum and community is great, but when someone actually has a non-functional or compromised system, it should be logged, time-stamped, tracked, accepted, and treated like a 1st class issue in any on-premise licensed server business. It is, of course, entirely possible that this exists behind the scenes - but the number of “my issue hasn’t been replied to in 10 days” examples to me says that it’s not clear that reply times are what they should be. Roon could report on it’s goal SLOs (or even SLAs though I’m not sure we really want that), what it’s actually achieving, and manage it like a customer service organization with transparency. Of course that would mean that some and possibly many of what are today referred to @support never actually are accepted as issues (ie, “sorry to hear you’re having that issue, but that’s not actually a supported configuration”, “thanks for reporting but you haven’t supplied the required data so we can’t open a support ticket”, disagreements about priorities / “issue severity”), but I think that’d be worth it for the clarity and SLOs vs. what some describe as “shouting into the wind”.

Jira Service, ServiceNow, FreshDesk, QuickDesk, yadda yadda. I log an issue, I see when it’s been accepted, I can see what the current status is and the last time someone touched it. It can be complementary to the forum & community if well done.

I whole heartedly agree, support needs to be separate from the forum it generates too much noise and too many it’s alright for me posts, which really don’t help the user or there is too many technical posts bombarding the user with things they don’t necessarily understand. Whilst some of us are very techy a lot are not and should not have to be Whilst some forum members seem to dedicate a lot of their free time helping other it’s really not there place to given we all pay a premium for Roon and should expect support that compliments this. The team are great but as I have said before appear to vastly under resourced in more than one area, there are constant issues each update which I am sure cause the team a lot of pain and I bet they love release day.

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It does. However, Roon Labs has stated in the past that they see value in having support issues being addressed in the open forum, where they can be seen and followed by everyone, rather than just the ticket-holder and themselves.

The Support team is very small at the moment (4 people?), and they are happy for experienced members of the community to help out where they can.

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Not to mention that the user-given support in the forums is free for Roon…
Maybe every “right answer” should result in a free month for the helpful party.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the two have to be mutually exclusive.

If there’s a proper case management/ ticketing system, there can be a routing function where some are handled by the community, and some are “accepted” by service. Apple support seems to have that model, and so does Fitbit. I’m not sure either is a paragon, but it might be worth looking.

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