Feature Request : Box Set Handling

I will get on my Orange Box…

While replying to another post I am reminded that this feature request has not progressed in years. I am now fully committed to Roon having just migrated my Roon Core to NUC/ROCK…

My only real complaint is the handling of box sets. I know this has been raised many times but I think a quick prod will not go amiss.

Box sets come in a lot of guises a lot being an excuse for the big labels to release their back catalogue. As a consequence many box sets of “the Complete Recordings of” type are early Vinyl releases padded out with extra material to make up the 75 minute CD.

“splitting odd CD’s from the box” sometimes gives an IDable CD but mostly not so the best approach is (IMHO) is to leave the boix alone and let Roon ID the box not it contents.

We are then left with the problems of navigation.

1.9 improved the Focus tool at album level giving us the ability to focus on Composer and then Composition. This works fine if you know what is on a specific album box set. By the very nature of the “Complete Recordings” type boxes they can be vast eg Mozart 255 is 200 discs.

To me what is needed

  • is the ability , maybe even eternally to Name and Number a disc
  • the ability to associate a jpg “folder” to each Disc
  • An Album view that shows an “Album” artwork sorted by Disc# , much like a Roon Tag

This is an example of handling boxes using Custom Tags [Box Set] and [Disc] , [Disc#] from my legacy library management. I have shown 10 across for effect normally I use 5 across which makes the view more visual.

Surely this approach is in line with Roon’s “Visual Design” to replace the Box and Covers with computer generated images a la Album view.

I will say it and duck “surely this is not such a complicated request”. It seems a sort of blend between and Album and a Tag

Totally agree with you, box sets are very difficult to browse and most of the times I hit the shuffle button just for convenience, hope they’ll improve it in the near future