Feature Request -- dealing with box sets


I just got finished migrating my albums into Roon. For the most part the process was very smooth. One area that i’d like to see enhanced is the handling of box sets. After some fiddling, I was able to convert my Beatles Mono Box Set into Room, but I don’t like the way it lumps all of the albums together as a single multi-disc album. This makes sense for compilations, but for a boxed set I would rather have the albums individually identifiable in Room. Would would actually be really awesome would be to provide the ability to define multiple albums on a single file. So, for each disc in the boxed set, have the ability to also designate the disc as a separate album. I could separate the albums out into their individual albums, but some of them have alternate tracks that were not part of the original album release, and are only available on that specific version as part of the box set. I’d like to have the option of designating a particular disc to also show as an album in my listing, complete with a specific album art image, etc. I’d like the album to be recognized by room, so that when I read through the bio of the Beatles, when it references “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” as an album, it would recognize that I own that album as part of my box set and hyperlink to it as though I owned the separate album.

Great work so far @Not_Roon!!!