Feature suggestion: Two different Roon icons for Tidal Hifi/MQA albums?

As everyone knows, finding MQA albums on Tidal is really a chore. When I use the Tidal app and see two versions of the same album I try playing them (in the native app) and if I see MASTER light up, I add it to my Favorites. Pretty cumbersome and worse still, if you have a mix of MQA & non-MQA favorites you can’t tell which is which.

I know that Roon can recognize/label MQA albums stored on my hard disk, but was wondering if Roon can pick up whether an album is MQA from Tidal’s metadata?

If it was a HiFi album, perhaps you could stick with the regular black/white TIDAL icon, and if it’s MQA, then how about a black/blue icon?

Even better, it would be great if TIDAL MQA could be picked up with Focus.

Of course, TIDAL should be handling all of this in their interface, but thought maybe Roon could come to the rescue?


100% request support

I third this feature request. Great idea!

I fully agree and add my name to the list of users requesting this feature. I have to open the Tidal native app on my desktop and view albums to see if there is a MQA version when looking for Masters. Then switch back to Roon and select until I see the MQA version playing. Very cumbersome. In fact, if Roon could pull this info from Tidal, then Roon could create a Master’s list for browsing, and we could see what new MQA versions of albums have been added to Tidal recently.