Feature to Delete all Entries in Roon DB for selected album and then re-discover

I have some albums that I’d like to change metadata for (such as wrong cover art for example). The Roon data base is ‘stubborn’ and wants to keep info.
I’d like to see a “delete all entries in Roon db for this album and re-discover” in Album Editor->Your Files.

The only way to achieve this now is to move the folder with the album away from the watched folder, clean the data base (deleting entries for the missing files), then move the album back and re-discover.

That is the correct way of doing it.

This seems to be a Feature Request so I am moving it to that section.

I guess Feature Request is good, but I disagree moving files out and back is the correct way.
It works, yes, but it is clearly a workaround. There is a rather dramatic Delete Album >“Permanently delete files from your hard drive…” located under Your Files. I believe my suggestion of ‘clear and re-discover’ is very reasonable.

Hi @ogs,

Does the edit album --> Re-Scan option not work for you?

No, unfortunately it does not. The only thing that achieves what I want is to remove files, clean db and move files back.

Can you give some details (a concrete example) of specifically why using the re-scan option does not work.
I’m asking because it should … and if it’s not then then it sounds more like a bug fix is required rather than a new feature.

I’ll leave a tag for @support to follow up with you.

I agree – can you give a little more information about the issue you’re having? If you can give us steps, or enough information that we can figure out the steps, we can look into this.


Right, I’ll give it a try
The first one was an issue where Roon had trouble creating one album from three separate CD rips (Bill Evans, The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings) Originally I had the three CD’s side by side and tags defining disk 1, 2, and 3. LMS and JRiver will handle this correctly. Without changing tags I created a folder with the the album name (same as album name in tags) and moved the three disk folders re-named to disk1 disk2 and disk3 inside this. I could see that this would work as Roon now grouped the tracks, but I had to do a ‘remove files, clean db and move files back’ to get rid of some of the old db content
I spotted one album with wrong cover art. I replaced the folder.jpg inside the album folder. I then did a Re-Scan and after that forced a check on my music folder from the Storage tab in Settings - but Roon kept the old image in it’s db/cache until I did the move and clean thing

Core on Debian Linux, i5 NUC, music folder on NAS mounted from within Roon. Gigabit ethernet between Roon and NAS via switch.

If Re-Scan Album is meant to do what I originally requested I agree this looks like a bug

I have constant problems with this kind of thing. There is any number of things which can’t be fixed by rescan, and “clean up library” is not an option if you are mobile and your main storage is temporarily disconnected.

So I’m for a “forget absolutely everything about this album and it’s related metadata” kind of button.

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I should add that my library is small, just 7000 tracks from around 550 albums. No Tidal. I have tuned metadata thoroughly (vorbis tags maintained with Tag&Rename) and I’ve told Roon to mostly look at file tags. I’m on a Roon trial so not a subscriber yet.

There is a merge albums feature (you select the 3 Bill Evans CDs - edit- then merge-) Did you try this?

Also you can edit cover art, select CD edit - edit fields.

since Roon went to 1.3 I have rarely had to use the remove and edit metadata you mention above. Perhaps you are missing some of the editing features within Roon?


Whilst I still occasionally have to use the process you describe I don’t have to use it for earthier scenario you mention since 1.3.


I am not sure, but I think I tried this. The Bill Evans event took place early in my trial so I do not remember clearly. I’ll try this again if a different album must be edited. Thanks.