Confused: which file do i put into Codec, the 7-Zip file manager is new to me.






I assume you need it for Roon OS / ROCK: The one named ffmpeg from inside the archive.

If you got just ffmpeg-git-64bit-static.tar you need to open this with 7-zip again because it’s a bit like an archive within an archive. Then you should see quite some files with ffmpeg being the one you need to extract and put into the Codecs folder.

See also:


When i use 7-zip I get down to “ffmpeg-git-64bit-static.tar” so i assume that is the file I put into the Codecs folder.

I’m looking for someone to confirm that this is correct before I take the next step.


No, it’s not. It must be the one named ffmpeg which is inside the ….tar file. Maybe the download is corrupt? I think 7-zip should be able to extract the tar archive too but cannot check because I don’t have a Windows machine here right now. What you should see inside the archive is something like this:

The file named ffmpeg would be the right one.

Ok. Thanks. That helps. Hmmm, I stumble around and see how to fully extract the folder to get to ffmpeg


Got it. I had to keep clicking on files after it was extracted to drill down to the contents.

Thanks again.

On the site to download the ffmpeg file is not there any more? !!!


Nor is it listed

Just go up a level

Simon: its not there either…The exact same file name is not listed…Refresh your cache, its not there…Thats why I posted in the first place, I looked all over thier site…


There’s a link to the file on the website @Simon_Arnold3 mentioned that is probably the file you want - the xz certainly contains the ‘ffmpeg’ executable

The naming has changed that’s all this is the one to UI need for intel

Yep… it’s linked in my post above and I’ve tested it so know it works :+1:

Hopefully @Michael_Silbaugh will now be sorted :sunglasses:

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Hi Simon. Thank you for the link. I downloaded the file but can’t extract it since it’s an md5 file… None of my softwares can open it (including 7-Zip).


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You need the file I linked to above rather than the md5 file :+1:

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Thank all I appreciate it.
Question - I’d like to connect my storage, G-Technology 10TB G-DRIVE USB 3.0 Type-C External Hard Drive.
Should I connect the USB to the NUC or to my streamer (Lumin S1)?


Your NUC as that’s your core.

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Thank you Simon. I’m sorry for the basic question, but does the sound also go/(being processed) through the NUC, or the NUC is just sort of sophisticated catalog/database processor?

Roon Core is what does all the processing.

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Thanks. Lastly, I’ve noticed I cannot connect with my core via my cell phone when I’m out of home, i.e., not connected to my home hi-fi. Is there any solution to enable connecting to your music through roon from a remote location?