Fidelizer Impacts to Roon1.2? Win10 RoonServer (headless)[Closed due to lack of response]

Experiencing some issues similar to others with Roon1.2 - losing connection to/view of zones.

I turned off my firewalls - both on the Win10 pc running Roon server (headless), and the Win10 machine running Roon Bridge. Using an Android control app on my tablet.

After restart…I can initially (before trying anything else) connect to my primary dac that is wired (usb) to the core machine. And, I was able to use my phone as an endpoint too. When I attempt to connect to the usb dac connected to the pc running RoonBridge the playback starts and then stops seconds later. If I then go back to the audio settings to change zones, I lose view of all zones. If I refresh, it hangs and the refresh icon remains until I leave that setting page.

I have had no issues with Roon 1.1 while running Fidelizer 7.0 in Purist (Network Render) mode. Only wanting to first remove Fidelizer as a potential cause.

In the process of deactivating Fidelizer now, but thought I’d reach out too.


Ok - I’ve tested it, and it seems I’m doing something wrong when setting up my other pc with RoonBridge.

Everything is working fine regardless of Fidelizer settings and firewalls are now both active. Only when attempting to connect to the pc bridge am I finding issues.

Hey @dmhenley,

Let’s look at your logs. I’ll contact you via PM shortly with more details. Stay tuned.