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Hi Keetakawee

I have a question regarding the correct settings for the following setup:

Roon, Fidelizer and HQPlayer are on i3 headless NUC with 4 GB RAM directly into a USB DAC. The music files come from a NAS.

Without Fidelizer, everything works just fine.
With Fidelizer, all boxes checked it's only stuttering. The CPU load is the same as without Fidelizer: between 50 and 60%.

Which boxes should I uncheck in this setting for optimal sound?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #22

Current version of Fidelizer doesn't recognize Roon as audio application yet so it'll treat Roon as non-audio process on if you set Roon to run on startup. I'm going to update a new version tonight with improved Roon compatibilities. Stay tuned. :slightly_smiling:

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Hi Keetakawee

Wow, what a very fast service.
What version number of Fidelizer will that be then? At the moment I use 6.11 free.

That's strange because some time back I used Fidelizer with Roon together and that worked just fine, but that was without HQPlayer.

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #24

Right now it's 6.13. I'll publish 6.14 tomorrow. If you use Fidelizer with HQPlayer and set Roon to run on startup, roon will be treated as non-audio process since it runs before Fidelizer optimizations. If you run both Roon and HQPlayer after Fidelizer optimizations, there should be no problem. :slightly_smiling:

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(steve) #25

That won't work.

RoonServer is setup to run on startup. That's how it works. Power up your headless PC, and Roon starts automatically, no user intervention required.

That's what you need to plan on.

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #26

I understand. That's why I'm going to release 6.14 with Roon compatibility improvements soon. :slightly_smiling:

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(steve) #27

Excellent. Thank you!

(steve) #28

Got the update! Thank you.

Great customer support and service. :+1:

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #29

With pleasure. I'll launch public release with free version soon today. :slightly_smiling:

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(Keetakawee Punpeng) #30

Some thought version 6.13 was gonna be the last release, well, me too but somehow unexpected requests come up and I noticed the issues Roon that run on startup. So I fixed Roon and MinimServer incompatibilities and allow Pro to handle services like Free/Plus version when it doesn’t run on startup.

I also removed stopping security services in free version now for public safety measures. Even with smart EnableLUA trigger flag, there’s still some people who turn off UAC yet want to keep security services running. I still maintain security services in Plus/Pro as before since there’s no such request from customers yet.

Changelog for version 6.14

-Added “Sharing Fidelizer with friends” feature to easily recommend Fidelizer with friends after optimizations
-Fixed some library server applications like Roon/MinimServer that maybe treated as non-audio processes during optimizations
-Fixed temporary files creation failure on some cases
-Removed stopping system security services in Extremist optimization level for public security measures

-Added “uncheck to clear” notification on launch media player option
-Fixed some library server applications like Roon/MinimServer that maybe treated as non-audio processes during optimizations
-Fixed temporary files creation failure on some cases

-Added “uncheck to clear” notification on launch media player option
-Changed running Fidelizer Pro without startup option to stop services instead of disabling to match with Free/Plus features
-Fixed some system configuration incompatibilities with some operating system editions and security software
-Fixed some library server applications like Roon/MinimServer that maybe treated as non-audio processes during optimizations
-Fixed temporary files creation failure on some cases

Well, I intended to release this sooner but the internet got worse at my parents’ place so I decided to wait until I come back to my own place to release it without issues.

Download: Fidelizer 6.14
Upgrade: Fidelizer Upgrade Program

Fidelizer Plus/Pro users should be received a mail about update and download link by now. If you somehow didn’t receive an update notification as I received some delivery failure message too, please contact me for an update with your customer data to verify.

(Michael) #31

I, too, was seeing the stuttering issues (tried a few days ago) using the free version of Fidelizer. I'll give 6.14 a try this evening to see if that clears it up. Thank you!

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #32

With pleasure. I hope Fidelizer will work fine with Roon on higher optimization levels for 6.14. :slightly_smiling:

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(Keetakawee Punpeng) #34

I have a few customers who use Fidelizer on very powerful machines using i7/Xeon CPU as a dedicated audio machine. Surely not everyone can notice the improvements with Fidelizer software but its principles will surely help audio performance whether one can perceive the difference or not.

I'd recommend you to keep running Fidelizer with default Workstation optimization level if that's convenience with you. Maybe you'll take a notice some days when you don't run it.

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I tried the free version (I think). I was a bit confused on what actually downloaded from your site.
I did seem to hear some improvements to sound after using the basic workstation option.

However, after closing Roon and going to another application my system threw an error message telling me my 'device does not have enough memory to run this application'. This other application was Windows 10 Film & TV app, used hundreds of times before.

Now my PC is as follows:
Asus X-99 Deluxe Motherboard
32Gb of DDR4 RAM running @ 2133
Intel Core i7 5th generation 5930 Hexacore.

So, something has obviously happened with the optimisation to kill my PC memory management.
To my horror, I can't find a way to unistall Fidelizer. I killed the process but no change to my memory issue. After a restart, my apps can now run again, but problems with sound (had to turn the DAC off after the restart and back on again to get any system sound).

Please can you tell me how to completely uninstall this software. I dont want to do a restore as the last restore point is 5 days ago and I have installed some other software in that time.


(Keetakawee Punpeng) #36

First off, all Fidelizer did in basic optimizations are:

  1. Optimize MMCSS configuration on the fly
  2. Raise audio thread priority to real time level
  3. Increase kernel timer resolution to 0.5ms

None of these changes can permanently affect your system. All you need to do is restarting computer and it shall leave no trace.

Judging from your DAC's behavior after restart, I suspect your DAC may have USB chipset hanging. I used to have old Teac DAC that caused me BSOD and resource allocation issues and updating driver fixed it. I also experienced DAC's USB hanging bug that requires restarting DAC on some devices like older Esoteric K series.

To resolve your problem, I recommend following these steps below:

  1. Uninstall DAC driver and reboot
  2. Download the latest driver and firmware from manufacturer and install them
  3. Reboot both computer and DAC unit
  4. Confirm if it's working fine now
  5. Try Fidelizer again

You should also check USB port and try to swap USB connection in case some ports may not be USB 2.0. Let me know if this helps.

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Thank you, so once I restart the effects are gone...?
I will try again.

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #38

That's correct. You can try Fidelizer software without worrying about damaging system. At least there was no such case reported to me in previous year. :slightly_smiling:

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(Gary Feng) #39

Hi Keetakawee,

May I request that you help to change Fidelizer not to stop Devialet AIR services. I'm using Devialet's AIR to stream to my Le200 from my NUC running Roon.



(steve) #40

And I'd very much like to continue using Fidelizer, but want to try HQPlayer - on the same dedicated, music serving APAC, but am concerned about how Fidelizer will impact it.



(Keetakawee Punpeng) #41

@hk6230 Fidelizer doesn't stop services outside system services. Maybe you set Fidelizer to stop network services so try to run again with Keep network services or choose machine configuration with network keyword.

@scolley Version 6.14 will recognize Roon as audio processes and you can run HQPlayer with Fidelizer or after Fidelizer optimizations without having negative effects on HQPlayer.

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