FiiO 2023 Product Plans

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Ran into this on Reddit:

Safari translates it quite well. Assuming its veracity, some interesting stuff headed our way in 2023:

15S. Successor to the M15 described as a minor change to the M15 with a move from the discontinued AK4499 to the ES9038PRO (same DAC as the M17). Also Snapdragon 600. Would be very surprising if this isn’t Roon Ready. Possibly a March launch.

M23. Successor to the M11 Plus. No additional details. Autumn release.

Bunch of other interesting stuff, but these are the only interesting DAP-related items.


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FiiO M23 (new product)

Release date: Autumn 2023 Price: TBD

Reflecting the change in naming rules, the M23 will be the successor to the M11 Plus. It is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023, and if it goes on sale as planned, it will be two years since the first release of the M11 Plus, which will be a very long replacement cycle. The “M11 Plus”, which was released in May 2021, will discontinue production of the LTD AK4497 version in January 2022. The existing M11 Plus ESS is still relatively competitive. Although the M23 has improved the current design and pursued new functions, in fact FiiO has been stagnant in the development of portable players for the past two years, especially in the area of ​​core audio technology. Therefore, FiiO would like to do our best to popularize some high-end models like the M15S.

FiiO M15S (new product)

Release date: Scheduled for March 2023 Price: Within 10,000 yuan (within 200,000 yen in Japanese yen)

The M15S was originally scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022, but the schedule was changed due to the supply chain due to the impact of the corona wreck. The actual prototype was completed in December, so we decided to postpone the release in time for the Lunar New Year. It’s already ready at this point, all that’s left is to start production. If we can start production after the Lunar New Year, we will be able to launch it in March 2023. The M15S is basically a minor change model of the M15. The SoC has been upgraded to Snapdragon660, which is the best Android player, and the DAC chip has been changed to ES9038PRO due to the discontinuation of AK4499. Instead, some of the M17’s technology has been carried over to the M15S.

That’s interesting news … not going to buy the M11PLUS in this case and will wait for one of those 2.
But probably the M23 if it’s around the price range of the M11.


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