Fiio DAPs are now Roon Ready via new firmware update

Exciting news! I’ve just updated my Fiio M11 Plus LTD and it is working flawlessly.


That’s great news for users of newer devices.

Can they also run ARC or is the Android version still too old?

Also guessing my M7 DAP is not going to get any of these updates😞

You can use Roon Arc but that’s still limited to the Android output (no bit perfect) as far as I know.


There is an update for the M7, but I don’t think that it will allow ARC access.

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Thanks I just read the information and it looks really positive. I will dig out the M7 from my office drawer where it has lived since ARC came out.

ARC for Android has built-in audio bypass on the roadmap, but we will have to wait patiently for this. Though Dongle DAC output has worked great for me for a while now

Sorry, can someone tell me what this means in terms of UX…

  • if you have your m11 turned on and on the same network as your core, any remote can see it as a zone and stream to it?
  • your m11 can play ARC natively (without android USB driver)?
  • something totally different?

I don’t own a DAP and have been considering it but waiting for closer Roon / ARC integration.

  1. Yes it becomes a Roon endpoint so that it can be played directly through RAAT.

ARC can only output to Android 24/48 Streams without an external DAC and that’s still the case after these updates as Roon needs to do the update to make use of internal DACS. That is on the roadmap

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I received a pair of Final Audio Bluetooth headphones from my children and with the Fiio Music app on my M7 they sound very good indeed; I am listening to Exile On Main Street as I type.