Fiio M11 upsample/downsample on Roon

Mmm weird … there is a very nice parametric eq in Fiio music app
At least in the m15 there is one. Strange if the m11 does not have it

The M11 has an EQ buts it’s not parametric and lacks the ability to adjust the frequencies and Q value, I guess I should have splurged for the m15

M15 has the same I think
I said nice because it has the merit to exist
But I agree it is far away from Roon’s
Anyway FiiO is for headphones mainly and I have the chance to not need any EQ for my cans. I use only crossfeed sometimes with old recordings

The EQ in the FIIO player is a graphic equalizer, not a parametric…two very different things

In case anyone missed it the M11 has a firmware update available a few days back…now 1.1.1 IIRC

Does it correct the upsampling/downsampling thing?

Nothing in the notes about it…didn’t try.

I have that build, it does not correct the downsampling issue. Since there are others in this thread with the M11, has anyone had any luck in getting the physical buttons to operate a Roon?

Only volume if you set volume in roon to be hardware controlled

I want implying it fixed the issue just that for those that might not have known there was a FiiO firmware update released.

Just curious, does anyone here think the Roon developers will address this? Seems there’s been little focus on improving the mobile experience. Personally, beyond this particular issue, i have serious long standing usability issues with the iOS and iPadOS apps as well that have yet to be resolved.

Im hopeless about it. Using Tidal and Fiio Music.

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It’s really too bad. With some of the amazing Android based DAPs (e.g., Fiio M15, iBasso DX300, etc.) on the market you’d think Roon would be eager to capitalize.

@noris are you able to provide an update on this? We’re going on ~6 months since this was reported (in this thread at least). I know Roon 1.8 is top of mind for everyone right now but with Android based DAPs getting bigger and better it would be nice to see Roon working properly on them.


Can confirm same behavior exists in Roon 1.8, unfortunately. As a lifetime subscriber I’m being forced to choose between Roon’s awesome UX or getting the best possible sound quality w/ something like UAPP. I expect to get both with Roon. cc @noris

Edit: @mike can you comment on this thread? I found a post of yours from July '19 where you referenced a complete Android audio playback re-write. Has this effort been abandoned or has there been some progress in the last 18 months? Thanks.

M11 Pro owner here. I have only skimmed through this thread. I just wanted to document my observations as I have the same issue. Its not exclusive to Roon, the same thing happens with Amazon HD. It seems to be an issue with the reporting abilities of the DAC. Whatever the sampling rate of the most recent file that has played anywhere on the device was, Amazon and Roon will both perceive that to be the max sampling rate. On reboot, both apps will sample to 192. If I play a song on say the fiio music app that is 96, then when returning to amazon HD or Roon they both sample everything to 96. Roon will continue to upsample or downsample only to that sample rate. Amazon will only downsample to that rate. The amazon app lets you see the device’s reported max sample rate and it would show as 96 in this instance. If I then played a 44.1 song the amazon app would then show 44.1 as the max sample rate. If I then tried to replay the 96 song this time it would only play at 44.1. It would stay this way until I played a song with a higher sample rate from another app. (in which case on returning to amazon (or roon) it would then perceive that sampling rate to be the max sample rate). In short, whatever the most recently played sample rate is, roon perceives this to be the device’s only sampling rate and amazon perceives it to be its max sampling rate.

I’m lead to believe that it has to do with using the android OS instead of bypassing it when speaking to the hardware. Some apps allow the option to directly access the hardware (like UAPP’s “Hi-Res Direct Driver” option. There does appear to be some distinction in doing it this way as the MQA renderer doesn’t function when this option is not selected ( only the core decode is performed when using the android driver).

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It was rewritten but not to bypass system mixer. Before the rewrite Roon left resampling to the Android OS and it ended up being terrible with poor playback stability. They rewrote it so Roon would check what’s the OS reports as the sampling rate the DAC supports normally 48/24 for phones and tablets but DAPs can vary , my Hiby get resampled if it’s above 44.1/24. They don’t support exclusive control and resample to what the os says internally in Roon. In the case of the M11 it’s doing the same but the os is getting stuck on it being whatever was last played from another source.

We live in hope that one day they will revisit and bypass the system mixer if it can. But until that day your stuck with how it is. It does have more comparability across all Android devices this way,

Sooo, after nearly a year and getting send over a device from the manufacturer Roon has decided to go totally silent on this? With my M11 Pro Roon always upsamples to 192k - regardless of anything I might have played It even lies to me stating “A sample rate converter is upsampling the audio stream because of the Sample rate conversion setting you configured in the DSP” when I did no such thing! While I do understand that the problem in itself is an Android issue, I would expect a software that is target explicitly at the 0,0001% of people who spend that kind of money on software/hardware like this to work around it. Especially with direct support from the manufacturer and Tidal being able to do it without issue…

Agreed. Roon’s android support is by far my biggest disappointment with the ecosystem. I can’t imagine why Roon doesn’t understand the market for Digital Audio Players is almost exclusively Android based. And these guys spend tons of money on far less useful things than a Roon subscription. As it is clear that bitperfect can be done based on multiple other apps that do so, Roon just seems to be leaving both money and customers on the table. Silence on the issue just builds frustration.

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Are there any updates on this issue? I have the same issue with my M11 Plus Ltd.