File case sensitivity issue


I’m running Roon Core [1.3 build 209] on an Intel i5 NUC running Linux [Ubuntu 16.04LTS] Media in on a Synology NAS. Everything has been working fine. I noticed this morning that some albums wouldn’t play, the remote reporting “Transport: Failed to load media”.

I dug some more, and it seems like Roon hasn’t noticed that the case has changed on a directory, the files were originally in …/Banco De Gaia/ but at some point after the initial import the directory on the NAS got changed to …/Banco de Gaia/ I did a force rescan in Roon which completed, but when i look a the file info in Roon Remote it still shows “Banco De Gaia” in the directory path and won’t play. It seems like Roon is treating the directory / file name as case insensitive, while the actual file system is case sensitive. Is there some way i can get Roon to pick this change up ?


@SImon_Fell …use @support like i did with your name to get the quickest response

Increment the file timestamps. Ssh into your NAS, change to the affected directory and run:

find . -print0 | xargs -0 -I '{}' touch -m -r '{}' -d '+1 second' '{}'

Thanks, unfortunately that didn’t help. What i ended up doing was renaming the folder to something else, forcing a scan, renaming the folder back and forcing another scan which has solved the problem. Seems like a bug in the file system scanner.

Did you force a rescan after bumping the file dates?

Yup, i did a rescan after the date bump, didn’t help, i also tried bumping the date on the folder that had the name change and that didn’t help either.

That’s wierd, it gets picked up on my server, perhaps it’s a bug - How are the shares mounted?

Its added as a network share in Roon, so presumably its mounting it using SMB.

My drives are local to the server and I use nfs for network mounts wherever possible. Have never liked using SMB in Linux. Sounds like a bug @support.

Agreed one for @support to look.

Thank you for all of your feedback and bringing this behavior to our attention! We are going to be taking a look to see what we come up with.

Once we have tested this in house I will update the thread with our thoughts/findings. You patience is very appreciated!