File copying (for import)

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+
OS version 1 (build 254)
Server Version 2.0 (Build 1182)
Hard disk 7393 Gb (87%) - dropping as I type
Roon labs software version 1.0 build 14
Database 100% of 227Gb available

Roon Core Machine

Razer 17 inch laptop intel i7, 32gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi switch (48 port)
connected by LAN

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

For now Just This PC and iPhone (sonfs wrk)

Description of Issue


I am a new user. Love roon. Loaded songs into roon. Suddenly it is finding files and claims to be doing file copying (for import). It continued copying until my hard disk filled up fully (8Tb). Determined to get it fixed, I fromated the drive, reset the database and reinstalled the OS. I compied only 1000 alboms. Today it is copying files (still). Why ?

I transfer songs from a connected drive on my hard disk to the server via a network. I have removed the drive. Roon still shows it is copying files.

When I first started copying, files (new machine), this did nit happen. It happened after the drive was 50%.

In just a few seconds is seems to have copied so many files (around 30 sec)

Welcome to the forum. Please show us a screenshot of Roon > Settings > Storage.

This was yesterday. This is the

screenshot. When issue happened then Ssd space dropped from 60% to 6% even when the source hard disk was removed.


Post Roon - Settings - Storage please.

Since my post this morning, roon has been busy adding ??? files.

And my storage now is …

Thanks for looking into this. Much appreciated.


Something is odd with your music storage drive.
Yesterday it was 94 percent, full today it is only 14 percent full.

It seems indeed to be copying something but I don’t get what and why. The Roon Storage settings look fine.

How did you copy the 1000 albums from your hard disk to the Nucleus, did you drag them into the Roon window or did you mount the drive in your PC file explorer with SMB and drag them into the file explorer? If the latter, you already know how to do that - check in the file explorer if there are any unexpected files there, or just the 1000 albums you copied.

Thanks for the reply. The drive was formatted yesterday after it reached zero percent. Copied fre files last night by DRAG and drop into albums. It is still coping and no pc connected. What to do?

I have no idea what it’s doing, sorry :pensive: Can you check the Roon log files on the Nucleus? Maybe it’s logging what it is that it’s copying.

The only time Roon will copy files (that I’m aware of - not a definitive statement) is if you drag and drop files (or folders) into the Roon window…

Is it possible you’ve accidentally set up a recursive copy here?

Where are you copying the files FROM, to is obviously the SSD in Nucleus + is that the laptop, you are showing 2 Roon Core Machines in your info

How many files are there in the source and HOW are you copying them ? I assume a lot if you need an 8 Tb SSD

It looks like something is in a never ending loop or are there actually 200,000 + files ?

The drive was formatted. Looks like no effect.

I am not copying 200000 files. Realised something wrong with my almost brand new roon nucleus+.

When I swapped a 4tb Ssd and transferred just one file it went to a never ending loop.

Maybe the hard disk controller issue.

How are you initiating the copy? Step by step please… :wink:

Final test. I guess I surrender after this.
i remove the 8Tb SSD and put in a 4Tb SSd inside.

I go to the web administration page.\

I reinstall the operating software. I restart the server, I format the interna music server (gets OK) after done. I reset the toon database. I shutdown system and have coffee. I restart the roon.

I use my mac computer this time. The roon software ask me and tells me roon is able to connect. I click connect and get the start page with zero songs and albums.

I start to copy ONE mo3. It takes 10 min but… yes It is in. I put in another song and the problem starts agian. It starts copying file 2/2 and overnight has gone to 2299 of 2299 (i only tried a second MP3.

i assess the roon from my PC. Only One song seen.

My thoughts is the hard disk interface has failed (partially)

i now copy files again. It works flawlessly like when I first got it.

Now my worry is after transfering thousands of files, to have this fail is terrible. So much time. Can anyone explain what is going on.

I go to my roon app. Navigate to the Album tab. Now I open a music mp3 on my file explorer. I drag that file to the album page and drop it there.nI look up at the file progress on the top (curcle rotating) and see the activity.

I have no idea! So very weird. We need support, I think. I moved the topic to #support:nucleus-support

I know this should work, but, to get some stability to the process, don’t use drag and drop into the album window.

Instead, I suggest reformat the music store drive (again, sorry), then copy a few files there using the computer operating system. Either Mac (Finder?) or pc (file explorer) should be fine.

See what happens.

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Hey @Yoga_Raj,

This is odd behavior indeed! I wanted to check in and see if you were still running into issues here? I do see that you currently have ~ 55k tracks in your local library, were you able to successfully import your library?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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