File info - file location no longer opens folder in 1.2

Clicking on the file location link in “track info” no longer opens the folder in finder.

I used this function quite often in the 1.1 version to open a pdf booklet or scan of an album but this is no longer possible now…

Just wanted to say this is happening in the Windows Client as well. The link is not a link!

That link is only functional under certain circumstances. I haven’t noticed any change in behaviour, myself.

Have you changed your setup at all, for example moving from local to NAS storage? That difference often affects whether the link functions.

No change in file location. Files were always on a NAS. It just stopped working after the latest update.
Hope they fix it soon

Hi Steve,

I’m running Roon on a Windows 10 PC, the audio files are on a QNAP NAS.
I’ve just randomly selected an album, then a track from it and clicked “track info”.
It all seems fine here, Roon displayed the file info popup window which had an blue file path link.
Clicking the link opened up Windows Explorer displaying the correct folder.

Are you attempting to do this from a Roon Remote (on a PC/Mac or may be from a tablet)?
I’m wondering if that device has access to your NAS?

Well as I said before no changes in file location. Files are on WD Mycloud. Roon core running on retina macbook pro. Latest version of OSX. I’m trying this on the machine running the core
The only thing that changed is the version of Roon.
I did however add a raspberry pi to my network but I don’t see how that could have anything to do with it

Tried it here on Windows 10 and have the same wrong behaviour.
On same machine Roon Server running and Roon Remote.
Music is local on the same PC.
Check a few albums. Path is shown as blue text, but not a clickable link.
Paths looked like “D:\Music\Artistname\Artistname - Albumname\trackname.mp3” and that is the correct path.

I never tried the link in version 1.1, so I couldn’t say whether the behaviour has changed or not. However, you wrote that in 1.1, clicking on the link would open the folder containing the file. Yet, what I see in version 1.2 is the complete path including the file itself. Therefore, clicking on the link as it now stands should really open the file - not the folder.

Is it possible that version 1.1 contained a link just to the folder location, and this has been changed in 1.2 to be the complete path to the file?

I think that an active link to the folder containing the file is more useful than having an active link to the file… My vote would be for the former, rather than the latter.

1.1 would open the folder in finder with the current file selected.
Clicking the link in 1.2 does nothing at all

OK, thanks for the clarification. Opening the folder with the file selected would also be good. Sounds as though indeed a bug has crept in with 1.2.

This used to work, but it was by accident, and really shouldn’t have due to the way these paths work on OSX. We fixed a few bugs related to network storage in 1.2 and it looks like this got broken somewhere along the way.

We’ve heard a lot of requests to try and make these links work in more circumstances (such as from Remotes) and we are going to spend some time working on that. That said, it’s not cool this functionality used to work and now it doesn’t, so I’m going to see if we can get this working again in the near term, ahead of the bigger project.

Stand by guys.