File transfer speed when moving files to an external drive connected to a Titan is extremely slow

Roon Server Machine

Nucleus Titan

Networking Gear & Setup Details

The Titan is connected via ethernet. I have the latest XFinity modem and the ethernet for the Titan is connected directly into the modem.

Connected Audio Devices

Eversolo DMP-A8

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Description of Issue

Hi – I recently migrated from a Nucleus+ to a Titan and, overall, the Titan is performing great. However, since the move I am having an issue with the speed of transferring files to the external drive connected to the Titan. The transfer rate is now 3 to 4 megabytes a second when in the past it was quite quick.

Beyond moving to the Titan, two other things have changed with my set up. The Titan sits in a different room but is still connected via ethernet and I now have the external drive (Samsun 8TB 870 QVO) connected via USB C instead of USB A. I’ve taken the following steps to troubleshoot the situation:

  • I have tested the speed of the ethernet port and cable that is connected to the Titan. It is extremely fast and it maxed out the test.

  • I connected the external drive directly to my laptop via the USB C connector and transferred files in both directions. The transfers were very fast so there does not seem to be an issue with the USB C connector or the write speed of the drive.

  • In order to make sure it was not a wifi issue, I also connected the laptop that I am transferring files from via ethernet and tried transferring the files to the Titan. I was still limited to 3 to 4 megabytes a second via ethernet.

Any thoughts on what else could be causing this?

Did you turn off the WiFi in your laptop? Perhaps it was still using the WiFi connection in preference to the ethernet connection?

Also, if you are using an external drive to hold your files, if this is formatted for compatibility with your laptop, perhaps you could just connect it directly to the laptop when you need to add files? See the section on USB storage here:

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Thanks, Geoff. I can confirm that the slow transfer issue persists with the WiFi turned off while transfering the file over ethernet.

I would prefer to avoid having to shut down the Titan and remove the drive every tiime I am transferring music since the Titan should allow me to transfer over the network.

I have tried two other scenarios:

  • I tried transferring the files over ethernet while using the second USB-C port and I was restricted to a speed of 4 or 5 megabytes per second just as I was with the original USB-C port.

  • I then detached my external drive and reattached it using the USB-A connector to the USB-A port. The low transfer rate of 3 to 5 megabytes per second was the same with the connection.

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Connected to the Nucleus or to the other PC? I ask because there is no direct copying from a usb drive connected to the nucleus to its internal drive.

I connected my external drive to the Nucleus. That is the drive I am transferring music to, over the network.

I had misread my transfer speed with USB-A earlier and I have corrected my previous post.

Just a thought, but I wonder whether the slow speed on the USB-C connection is being caused by the fact that you are running the Production release of Roon on your Titan?

There is an Early Access release of Roon and RoonOS that apparently fixes some issues with audio over HDMI and support for USB-C Thunderbolt.

It should be rolled into a future Production release in the not-too-distant future, if you can wait.


Thanks, Geoff. This may be a possibility. That said, I wound up modifying my second post to reflect the fact that I am having the same slowness issue with the USB-A port as well.

That is the issue, if you have the drive connected to the Nucleus and are using another PC’s file manager to move it from the external drive to the internal drive, then the copy is going through the PC. ie file copied from external drive to PC then back to Nucleus internal drive. You would get faster times, by attaching the drive to the PC and then only doing a PC to Nucleus internal drive copy.

Keep in mind that you will potentially need an external drive to do database backups because you cannot do them to an internal drive. (OR setup a network location to backup to).

Thanks, Rugby. My set up of dragging the music to the external drive attached to Nucleus was very quick with my Nucleus+. I am trying to understand why it has slowed to a crawl with the Titan. My hope is to regain the prior functionality.

Hi @BostonX ,

Do you have an addition switch that it passes through in the new room? If you temporarily connect the Titan where the previous Nucleus was located, is there any change in the speed? What happens if you try to connect another USB drive to the Nucleus, does that have the same speed?

Hi Noris - There is no additional switch. The ethernet cable in the new room runs right to the cable modem. I’ll try the other two scenarios you proposed when I have a chance and I’ll report back.

Hi Noris - I tried out the other two scenarios that you inquired about:

  • When I tried a different USB drive. The speed remianed the same 3-5 mps.

  • When I moved the Titan to the room and the ethernet connection where I had my Nucleus+ set up, the speed remained 3-5 mps.

I’ll add that I had the Nucleus+ set up in the new room prior to the Titan arrving and I am fairly certian I did not have any speed issues with file transfers.