Files play correctly in "Test" folder, but not 'album named folder'

Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro, NUC w/i5, 32 GB RAM

Network Details

Synology DS918+, Netgear GigaBit Switch

Audio Devices

Ethernet to NUC computer that contains the Roon Core

Library Size

25,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Only issue I have had so far with all use of Roon to date.

Local file in 192 khz 32 bit format will not play.
Same file will play without issue on JRiver, MS Media Player, MS Groove Music, iTunes etc…

Total of 7 files in folder, first 5 play as expected.

File #7 will not play using any technique(s).

Funky issue with file #6 in same directory one file above in track list, this file will only play if you click the “Last Played” icon to right of file and select “Play Now” from it’s menu.

This file #6 will not play in sequence from previous #5 file, only if you use the "Last Played’ and select “Play Now” sequence.

Note after playing file #6 using this ("Last Played’ and select “Play Now” sequence) technique file #7 will not play.

If you use the ‘normal’ play arrow icon on file #6 it will not play and it ‘skips’ to file #7 and will not play anything.

If you use the ‘normal’ play arrow icon on file #7 it will not play.

I did delete the entire folder, force a re-scan, and used the Settings->Library->Clean Up Library tools and then restored the folder and files but the same issues recur.

If I create a new directory in the same folder level called “Test” and ‘copy’ all 7 of the files into this folder and force a ‘Storage’ re-scan all files play as normal from the “Test” folder.

Is there a way to remove the apparently corrupted db entries for the correct folder name, so it can be used per normal?

I have simply made the “Test” folder version the ‘primary version’, but this is not something that should go un-addressed. If this continues to occur for what ever reason it could lead to a lot of headaches.

Note: I also have these same files in 44.1 khz 32 bit wav, 192 khz 24 bit FLAC, 44.1 khz 24 bit FLAC and hi-res MP3 and Roon will play all of these as expected from the album named folder.

Your help would be welcome here.

Hey @William_Tomlinson,

I cannot apologize enough for the delay in getting back to you - I am very sorry for missing your post for this long… :pleading_face:

Thank you for describing the behavior you ran into in such detail and for sharing the steps you’ve already tried. I’m sorry none of them worked…

To help with next steps forward, I’ve looped in our technical team. They should be able to make meaningful suggestions.

Please, bear with us a little longer :pray:

Hi rebeka,

Hummm while we are sill alive?

Hello @William_Tomlinson,

Thank you for following up on this thread - it’s been longer than we had hoped since our last reply.

Our technical team is working actively to reply to everyone and that includes this thread. I’m hoping it won’t be much longer :pray:

Hi rebeka,

Thank You for the update(s).

As a High Technology Administrator my job is similar to yours regarding providing solutions to technical issues.

From my point of view ‘hope’ is not a strategy.

Does roon even have a Service Request system, or do you just kinda do that social medial type of thang?

I only ask because after years and years of dealing with the largest software companies such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, it is good to know what to expect, and so far my expectation is to expect nothing will ever happen at this rate.

Reasons for this could be many fold, too many technical problems because of bad programming leading to excessive issues, understaffing, incompetence and plain ole just not caring because you don’t; it’s hard to say at this point.

Hope you don’t take this personally it’s only business.

Looking forward to having someone provide an analytical tool to determine why the database has a corrupt entry.

Thanks Again for your help,

William Tomlinson

Thanks for feeling that you could share this, @William_Tomlinson. Posts like yours always become a topic of conversation in our team, pushing us towards improvement.

While there is not one single cause for the delays in our support at this time, what is certain is that we are aware of how things are and taking steps to get support where we (and our customers) want it to be (like adjusting processes and expanding our team). Before the results of this are seen, we’re still trying to manage as best as possible. I wish you could accept my apology for the late replies :pray:

To clarify, there are two routes to get support: here, on community or via our website (the contact form feeds into our ticketing system).

I’d love to turn your expectation around (the one where nothing will ever happen at this rate) :nerd_face:

So our technical team can test things on our end, could you please zip up the entire album in question and send it to us? A dropbox shared link would work, or, otherwise, you can attach the zipped folder to an email sent to


Hi rebeka,

Thank You for the update.

This size of this album’s files = 3.03 GB

My preference would be that roon supply a link to a shared network drive that I could upload to.

This size of zipped file exceeds the 25 MB limit that Microsoft Outlook has set for e-mail attachments.

I am uncomfortable creating a shared network drive/folder for roon to access.

It would make sense that if this is a standard process that roon uses to analyze these types of issues that your best practice would be to setup a Dropbox or other shared network drive of your own for you customers to upload to.

Please advise as to how we shall proceed.


William Tomlinson

Hi rebeka,

Would it be possible for you to transition this to the Website Support Option where a Service Request Number is assigned, tracked, etc.? Please.


William Tomlinson

Hello @William_Tomlinson,

I appreciate your follow up. Could you please upload the logs at the link below?

Cheers :nerd_face:

Hi rebeka,

Please clarify, what logs are you speaking about? (do you mean the album files)


William Tomlinson

Hi William,

This might help.

I would assume Roon’s logs.

Hi Rugby,

Thanks for the link.

The link doc discusses multiple different logs.

We will need rebeka to clarify what logs she would like (or the album files previously asked for).


William Tomlinson

Meanwhile I’ll peruse the logs…

You are right. And to muddle things up, it might even be Windows logs they need to see.