Filter box on playlist view disappears[Ticket In]

I love the filter… On the Playlist view when you type something it and then backspace it out the filter box disappears. This means you have to go back to your mouse to activate it. All other filter boxes stay open in this case.

This did just cause me to look up the Filter keyboard shortcut which is “/”, very handy!


What platform and hardware are you on?

I couldn’t reproduce this on iOS/iPad Pro 9.7” or MacOS/iMac.

I am on Mac OS and oddly… i can’t reproduce it now either! It must have been a fluke but I tested it several times. Weird.

If it happens again I will re-post.

OK, I think I can reproduce, it is an odd case.

Filter playlist, say type in “ECM” as I have some ECM playlists.

Leaving that text where it is in the filter, navigate somewhere else in Roon. For me, that is hitting the currently playing song or going into a playlist. I was moving around a lot because I was tagging certain Tidal ECM albums with “MQA”.

use the Roon back button navigation to get back to the Playlists where the filter is still active with “ECM” typed in. When I delete that the filter box goes away.

Obviously this is a very minor nit.

Yes, I can reproduce this. @support?

Good instructions, BTW.

Thanks for the report and your steps, @RobOK , I was able to reproduce this one and put a ticket for our developers.


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I was disappointed this was not in recent release as it seems like a small change, hopefully next release?