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Is there a way to filter explicit lyrics for Qobuz? There seems to be a way to do this for Tidal but I couldn’t find any mention for Qobuz. I actually seeded with Beyonce so I was surprised how quickly radio got to some very explicit rap material indeed.

Can you give us some examples?

I believe Qobuz is providing us this data, but “explicit” tags generally come to the services from the labels, so I’d want to look into some examples and see if we can figure out where this is going wrong.

Thanks @tripleCrotchet!

The Beyonce track I started out with was “Listen”. Didn’t take long before I got to Mr. Akon & Snoop Dog. Check out track 4. A real couple of charmers.


Hello @Tony_Casey,

Do you have the explicit filter turned on for Radio?


Hi Noris and @mike,

Here’s a shot of lots of Explicit Tags from Tidal albums.

Selecting the first album and click Versions, you see the first two Tidal albums, one is Explicit, the other not.

Further down are two Qobuz albums. Both look the same and neither indicate Explicit.

Should one be Explicit? I don’t know since I haven’t listened to them. Maybe this is why we see a lot of seemingly duplicate albums in Versions from the same streaming service.

Cheers, Greg

We only get the flag if they have it, and from what I can tell neither of those albums has it on their site.

Are you seeing the same? I think our Qobuz accounts are for different territories, so it’s worth confirming.

Thanks Mike. Looks like they have Explicit at the track level on this album. They’re not showing Explicit on the albums.

It’s a UK account.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for responding. Yes, I have that switch set. I cannot see any explicit tags either at an album or track levels. I have just noticed there is an explicit setting at an album level I can set but only if I have imported the album? Is there a track level setting? I never came accross this issue before as I did not have a streaming account and was just self-censoring by not consciously listening to a lot of rap (if any). I’m not sure I would want to ban explicit globally. But this one is way past my limits.

Hi @Tony_Casey,

Thanks for letting me know you can’t see any explicit tags at an album or track level. We’re going to look into this behavior a bit on our end and discuss this with the team.


I meant I could not see any explicit tags on that particular album. I do see explicit tags in other albums.

Any update on this please? Explicit tracks are playing from Qobuz and I cannot see any explicit tags on any tracks/albums in Roon. The same tracks are tagged as explicit in the Qobuz iOS app. Roon radio is also not filtering explicit songs and started playing a pretty explicit Niki Minaj song off the Queen album with my 7 year old in the room. Luckily I had the remote right next to me! I can confirm that the explicit setting is turned on in Roon Radio. Using UK Qobuz account. Thanks!

Hello @Tony_Casey / @Roland_George,

We’ve just released Roon 1.7 (Build 500) which includes changes that should improve this behavior. Please give it this a try and let us know how it goes!

You can read the full release notes here:

The Team at Roon Labs

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