Filter library by source

This may be a forehead slapper, but I am not seeing a way to filter my library by source. For example, I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz. If I want to eliminate Qobuz, let’s say, I would like to find all of the albums in my library that are sourced from Qobuz and re-add them using a Tidal version. Am I thinking about this wrong?

Use the Focus tool to filter by format. See also:

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I’m in the process to switch from Tidal and Qobuz to only use Qobuz. I also filter by Focus on Tidal only and then manually go through every single album to identify the best Qobuz version, add it to my library, replicate tags, album rating, liked songs, and songs on my playlists. And then remove the Tidal songs from these playlists to finally remove the Tidal album completely.

I’m down in that process from about 1400 Tidal albums to 873. It’s a huuuuge pain in the whatever. Especially when you know you have a system (Roon) that knows all that information already and could just do it for you in some seconds. I probably will need until the end of the year and spend hundred of hours on this. Call me crazy…

Ah yes - I see it under Focus → Storage Locations. Thank you.


Take a look here. I have never used this service, but it might kill the pain…


Yup, definitely give Soundiiz a spin as @Arlen suggested! That’ll help with the bulk of the work.

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Thank you two for the suggestion. I have an account there.

Sorry to differ, but I do not think just adding the albums automatically will speed up anything: I still have to open every Tidal and Qobuz album in Roon and manually transfer album ratings, liked songs, tags and all songs on various playlist. And delete the Tidal songs in that playlists and finally the album itself. All this information is locked in Roon and not accessible by any automation tools (as I‘m aware of).

BTW: I roughly calculated 10k to 15k clicks I still need to perform. Hahaha. This is insane.

I am not near my system, so just thinking… i believe it is possible to export a list to Excel of all songs or albums together with their ratings. This way, you have one half of the process done: you don’t have to access every single album that will be transferred.

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Thank you Arlen.

I just do not see which step in the info transfer process would be saved by that export to Excel function. Can you elaborate a bit more?

This would only work on a pc or laptop, I guess.
This thread will give you some answers.

I have tried the export function before. What should I do with it to manipulate anything in Roon? Sorry, I don’t get it.

The advantage is that you have one large list of all your song ratings, so you don’t have to look for them individually. You still have to enter them in the new versions.
But again: I am mot near my system, so I am not sure if you actually can export the song ratings to Excel.

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Got it now, thank you. Would not certainly save any clicks, but might speed up some parts of the labour.

I recalculated - and now it seems more like about 20k+ clicks needed to transfer all my library settings from Tidal to Qobuz. :crazy_face: