Filter/View Composers Confusion (18->45?)

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Description Of Issue

I have a tag which I creatively assigned to “Classical Folder” to work around the current inability to separate libraries. With this I have tagged the composers I want to see, currently 18 and the artists, currently 187 (see image below).

When I then ADD the filter to view all the Composers I used to get the 18 w/o the artists. Now I get 45! (see below)

I realize I’m old and maybe this is the new math but it used to work properly.


Hey @Jan_Erik_Neun,

Thanks so much for reaching out about this and sorry about the trouble. Also, a big thank you for your patience while we’ve got a chance to get back to you.

This doesn’t look like new math at all. I’m wondering, are you still seeing this?

Is it possible that you are also using a streaming service and have added other composers as well to your library? Roon will include those as well.

In the Focus feature, could you also select just your library under the Storage Locations section of Focus?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello @Rebeka_Abrudan,
I expected a long response time given the recent large scale changes. Thank you for getting back to me.

Taking your questions in order:

  • I am still seeing this as of today. Latest SW.
  • While I do have Qobuz, none of the Qobuz composers have been tagged by me.
  • Once I select only my tagged items the option to select only my storage locations is not there. Nor should it be as I have only tagged my items (see previous bullet). The screen shot shown below leads me to believe that Roon has scanned my library and is presenting all the composers it thinks are classical. The page header has even changed to reflect what it would be if I had not applied my tag as a focus first. The only difference I can see is that if I remove my tag, Roon includes composers from Qobuz.

Hope this helps. FWIW, this worked just fine in 1.7 . :wink:

Update 1: As an example, the query pulled in Nicholas Gombert, who while being a classical composer and in my library, has not been tagged by me. Roon has tagged him as classical.

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