Final step of Nucleus migration taking a long time

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus (received from RoonLabs a week ago)

Number of Tracks in Library

About 9,500

Description of Issue

I’ve completed all the steps for migrating my library to the internal storage installed in my Nucleus. I’m on the last step (step V. from list below). I restarted the Roon Server software from the web administration interface, and now I’m seeing the processing screen (image attached). It’s been showing this screen for about three hours.

Is the process supposed to take this long for a library of about 9,500 tracks?

Thanks for the assistance and info.

Short answer, no. 9,500 tracks should only take a few seconds. Something is hung up. Not sure how to advise you, but maybe reboot the Nucleus and see if it comes back.

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Thanks for the prompt reply and perspective (knowing how long this should take), David. I didn’t want to disrupt the process if it was still in the middle of it.

I refreshed the web interface and all of the system status lines looked OK. I rebooted just to be sure, and Roon looks good when I start it up, recognizing my Nucleus and all the internal data!

Cheers - JL

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