Finally, a reason for hi-res: Neuralink

Off we go…

Note that it has a USB-C input.

Note that the actual research paper describes the USB-C link as an output, though.

I suppose we also need to confront the philosophical question: is direct brain stimulation actually hearing?


Yes it is, humans are hearing with their brain, not with their ears. The ears are just the pickup parts of the human hearing system.

Do headphones have a stereo image? If you would only use your ears that simply would not be possible, it’s the brain that constructs the image.

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I would rather he spent his considerable wealth on this (and a visual equivalent) than those awful cars he makes.

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Awfully terrific, I think you mean. True, the Model X seems to have been a mistake.

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Of course, yes, but is it valid for the signal to come in via something other than the auditory neural system? Should it be called hearing? Or perhaps something else to distinguish that?

Ask anyone on this forum who suffers from tinnitus.


But then it’s just your brain filling in the gaps for hearing loss , so my audiologist told me.

Yep, exactly, but people really do “hear” it as if it is a real tone/peep/noise. It is phantom hearing offcoarse but none the less very real to the person hearing it.

Dunno, there are lots of the Xs around my community

A remembered conversation involves hearing, as do dreams - the brain stimulating the brain.

Perfectly valid, how would you know the difference?

Before I’d be willing to consider anything like a Neuralink, or brain chip, I’d have to completely understand its provenance. Musk has close links to China (built a Tesla production plant there) and who knows what favors he owes. China’s research into mental “mining” and thought modification is as advanced as its work on weaponized viruses, and it developed and “gave” the world the latest development in cell phone technology, i.e. 5G, which, together with the alarming number of “communications” satellites it’s put up in the last couple of years should make us wonder if that’s also been weaponized. My motto has always been verify before you trust. I’ll just struggle along with my SOTA hearing aids until then.

People seem to take it for a given that this will just magically be awesome. That is unlikely to be the case for several decades, if ever. Anyone that knows anyone with a Cochlear implant knows how NOT like normal sound they sound. This will be more of the same.