Find All Albums in Qobuz via Roon or Qobuz Interface

Looking through the available Albums in Roon Qobuz, the choices are “Ideal Discography” or “Qobuzissimes” under “Taste of Qobuz” . When I select “View All” in “Ideal Discography” I get about 500 & 130 albums respectively. I know there are more albums as their advertising show ~50 Mil Tracks.

So what I’m looking for is how do I find the rest of that music, specifically I’m looking for an album I played several months ago, it’s a Jazz album and I forgot the name/artists, I was hoping I could search for ALL Jazz albums, but No, there does not appear to be a way to browse more than the 2 curated lists described above, does anyone know how to access more of the Qobuz content besides Search?

If you played the track in Roon you can look under History to find the track

I’ve only been using Roon for a few weeks, so no history, but I used that as an example, what I really want to know is how to find those 40 Mil tracks. And I also want to find that album. Tks for the suggestion.

Start listening from your library and saving similar albums to your library. You may never find that album but you’ll never get bored and you’ll find a huge amount of new music :slight_smile:. Welcome to Roon. The music is waiting for you.

Then if you played it in the Qobuz app, there is a Play History there as well. Not sure how long it keeps the history though.

I found my album, but it wasn’t easy, it’s

I originally found it in the New Music lists but apearently it aged off the list and was removed and since I could not remember the name or artist, I was never going to find it by browsing the various music lists, what I had to do was pick a random Jazz artist , then view the selections in similar artists, and kept doing that until I found it.

Thus my original question, Is there a way to view all the albums in Qobuz, if I could have listed Jazz albums, I could have found it much faster as I remembered what the album cover looked like?

It appears you want to browse the entire Qobuz catalogue as a single entity. I’m pretty sure that’s not possible in Roon, or in the Qobuz app. Qobuz provide some curated views, like “Qobuzissimes” and Roon reflects these.

The problem is simply one of scale I guess. 40 million tracks is approximately 4 million albums. That’s going to take some browsing even on a large display. In practice only the extreme ends of sorted views would ever be seen.

Search is the only way I know of narrowing that field and browsing Qobuz results. Other browsing methods are restricted to your library.

You can open Qobuz, pick My Favorites, and see your Qobuz library. You can also de-select albums you don’t want which I haven’t been able to do in Roon. You can also select any genre by selecting focus, then jazz on the far right side of the pop-up in Roon.

This still restricts the selection to items that are actually in your library, so only Qobuz favourites will show up. I think that the OP appears to want a way of browsing the Qobuz catalogue, in Roon, regardless of whether the albums are currently in his Roon library.

Of course that doesn’t happen in Roon. However, the Recommended for you albums do come from Qobuz without having to be in your library and this is a way you can quickly grow your library. Use the triple dot’s for album or song, view the credits for the performers, composers, and producers and follow all the links. Then read the metadata to learn what is out there. Read the audio magazine music reviews and listen along. You can search in Qobuz if you have an idea of where you want to go, but trying to scroll through 40 million tracks would be far less productive IMHO. Randomly selecting without some context will cause you to waste a lot of time on music you don’t like.

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I managed to find a partial solution, not exactly what I was looking for but at least its something, here’s a link to 1298 Blue Note Albums

So again, anybody else have any Tips or Tricks to share