Find all subscription music in my library

Is there a way to list all music in my library that is from subscription services? I’ve added music from both Qobuz and Tidal but recently discontinued my Tidal subscription. I realize all the Tidal music now displays as “Unavailable” but obviously that’s not the best way to find out.

I still have the Qobuz subscription and am curious how much of it is woven into my library.

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Focus. Why do you still have Tidal links in your Roon library? You should have disabled Tidal in Roon before your subscription expired.

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Focus using location in albums and choose Qobuz. Not sure why your tidal albums are there. Did you unconnected your account from Roon? Someone else says they have this with a inactive Qobuz accout but if I sign out of Tidal or Qobuz they are not in my library anymore. If you cleanup you database from the library maintenance that should permanently remove them from the database.


Smells oddly similar to this issue (that @CrystalGipsy referred to in the previous post) with Qobuz albums remaining,

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Yes. This is my post. Trying to figure this out…

In the album browser, focus on Tidal.
Select All.
In the … menu on top, click Remove from library.


So as others have mentioned, select Album (or Tracks) on the left side menu (I’m on a PC) then select Focus. In the display that opens, I had to scroll to the right to find the Locations section, but once there I was able to select Qobuz - and sure enough, all my Qobuz albums were listed.


Thanks - Focus was the answer I was looking for. As far as the Tidal links, lesson learned :wink:

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Thanks Terrence. Yes, Focus works as you described. The problem is that the Qobuz albums/tracks still can’t be deleted.

In the thread you’ll see the suggestion that I log into my old Qobuz account and then use Focus. That appeared to work, but after deleting albums and tracks and seeing the dialogue message that they’d be removed from my library, they persisted. Tried going to library maintenance, but there were 0 (zero) tracks to delete.

Still stuck…


Apparently you have lost the idenfication link into Qobuz for these albums/tracks.
I don’t know how many albums(/tracks) you are talking about, but what you can try is:

  1. login Qobuz again
  2. Re-identify the album in Roon via Album - Edit - Identify.
  3. Check in Roon - Qobuz - My Qobuz if the album is there in Favorite Albums.
  4. If it is there (and it should - synchronize with Qobuz manually in Settings - Serives if not)
    Check if it is added to your Library automatically or that you need to add it (once more) to your Library by clicking on the ‘+’ right of the album title.
  5. Now the album should definitely back in your library. While still connected to Qobuz, you can now Remove From Library.

That should do it. A lot of manual work, but I fear it is the only way (at least as far sas I know)
5) ch

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You can probably go to the Tidal app and “heart” those albums again. Then, sync Tidal in Roon. Maybe after they are reestablished in Roon, you can then delete them. Only after they are gone, disable Tidal.

Thanks Dirk. I’m working from iOS. Can’t find album-edit-identify. Logged into Qobuz and none of the library items show up.

Work on MacOS, or a tablet as that will give you all the options. Phone UI is limited.

Dirk- Sorry. No joy. After reidentifying, the album/tracks are no t added to my library even after resyncing in the services tab.

Hi Glen
Is it possible to provide a couple of screenshots, including:

  1. Qobuz app with 1 of the albums that is still in Roon´s library. Is is favorized ( hearted) or not
  2. in Roon-Qobuz-My Qobuz - is the album there - or not?
  3. Roon Library - Albums - specific album. Does it have different versions?

Dirk- Looks like I can work around this issue by looking at Versions at the album level and selecting the Tidal version. Fortunately, I only added 7 Qobuz albums to my library.

Editorially, I’ll say that, once again, this does not reflect well on Roon’s product/software testing capabilities. I had decided to try a streaming service to see how it integrated in Roon; which, once I saw it working I swapped out of Qobuz for Tidal when Qobuz was missing music that Tidal wasn’t.

Making this kind is switch should be well-supported. Clearly a software defect. In another instance my Roon instance was completely down for a week because of botched testing and packaging of the 2.0 upgrade.

None of this is your fault, of course. I appreciate your engagement on this ticket. But it’s clear the Roon organization is a dev-engineering shop. Testing is not something developers tend to be good at…