Finding Albums added but not identified by Roon

Content you’re reporting an issue with

No, because i cant find it in Roon.

Is the album identified in Roon?

Cant find album in roon

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local. cant share file tags as cant find it in roon. Does not appear in recently added. Does not appear even when showing hidden albums either.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Some albums are not identified. This particular one was added about a week ago and does not appear in ‘recently added’ although the same album appears via Qobuz. Latterly i have been adding ‘difficult’ albums (usually multi disc sets) via Dbpoweramp and songkong which seems to work ok. This one was added via the core devices ripper which is usually fine. I can add this one via dbpoweramp/songkong i think but presumably the original non identified rip will remain hidden somewhere? Is there an easy way to find such rips and delete them?

Use Focus, it has a filter for “unidentified” “Indentified”, choose this then click once on the added criteria (blue) to negate it (turns red and shows a minus sign in front).

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Thank you. I did try searching but was probably using the wrong search words! Thanks for the link.

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Having just been checking the Jason Mraz album does not seem to be in unidentified either.
In the mean time however it seems i have over 200 albums in unidentified! They seem to have covers and artist/album names but presumably some missing data or mismatches? Does anyone have a workflow suggestion to correct these? I have tried rescan and reidentify with no luck. I am hoping to avoid re scanning the actual disc as they are all stored in the loft!

I’d run them through songkong and see if it can match them.

Thanks, i do have songkong so i will try it. I am never sure if the file i find in the database for a given album is the same file Roon cant identify though? Is there an easy way to be sure you are tagging the corret file?

I have tried 4 or 5 discs with songkong and in each case they all end still unidentifed in Roon. Is there something i am missing?

Did SongKong identify them?
Could you run Create Support Files that would be helpful.

Hi Paul,
Yes Songkong identified them. My process is to rip them with dbpoweramp then have songkong identify and finally drop them in the roon music folder. I may be missing a step?

Yes. Because tagging is just the first step. In order for albums to be recognized in Roon, they must also be entered in one of the two databases “Allmusic” or “Musicbrainz”. These entries are made by volunteer editors. I’m one of those editors in MusicBrainz… Roon was the reason why I started to get into the subject. The result speaks for itself: This is how Roon looks like when I press and invert the “Identified” button:

3200 albums and each one is identified. :smiley:

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That would certainly be nice! I have 457 albums not identified i am afraid. A lot of them are far from obscure as my screenshot shows.
How should i go about encouraging roon to identify them? I would be surprised if all of them cant be found on the databases?

Let’s try to get to the bottom of it. Let’s take the album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift. Of course, the album is entered e.g. in MusicBrainz. And in all available versions. Taylor Swift is a world star, such albums are usually entered in a very short time.

So Roon should also recognize this album. Of course I also have this album and it is recognized without any problems.

Next we have to be sure that we are talking about the same album. I got mine from Qobuz, here is the link to it: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)
It is the album with a total of 22 tracks.

The next thing you notice is that the album is listed twice for you (like your other albums on the screenshot as well). If you have not transferred the album to your data storage twice and it is therefore only physically on your storage once, there may be an error in tagging. But that would also affect all the other albums on your screenshot. The album cover isn’t correct either.

So lets control your tagging. I use mp3tag to do the job. This is not an automatic tagger, you have to enter the albums manually. Therefore it is correct afterwards :wink:

That is how this album looks like with me on mp3tag:

It is very imoportant, that the album title in every track ist the same. It is just as important that the track numbers match the respective songs and therefore match. At the same time you will notice that all my tracks start with “[title number]”. Example:

[01] Taylor Swift - Mine (Taylors Version)
[02] Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly (Taylor’s Version)
[03] Taylor Swift - Back To December (Taylors Version)
and so on.

The reason for this is that my music files are displayed in Windows Explorer in album order and not in alphabetical order. But this only applies to Windows Explorer, for Roon it doesn’t matter as long as the track number and title match.

This is how it looks like in my windows explorer:

Conclusion: If all these requirements are met, I see no reason why Roon shouldn’t recognize the album correctly. In my experience, however, Roon does not independently correct an album that has not been recognized or has been recognized incorrectly. Often the only thing that helps here is completely deleting the album, cleaning up the library in Roon and then transferring the album to the data storage again.

Thanks for going to all that trouble. Many of the albums in my screenshot are 2 disc verisons but some are duplicated too. I use Songkong to automate the process as far as possible as i cant really manually tag 457 albums presently. I will try and create support files for Paul shortly to hopefully get songkong working as i want.

Im away from office this week so will not be able to check support files until Saturday. But a few quick things that you have probably checked but just to be sure.

1.Have you ran in SongKong with Preview Only disabled, i.e are the songs actually changed.
2.If multdiscalbum is it organised correctly Album Folder/Disc 1, Disc 2 etc
3.If files already in Roon, have you rescanned them after fixing in SongKong because Roon will not know automatically that the files have been modified.

As Im sure you know if albums identified by SongKong the tagging is correct, absolutely no need to do manual tagging with Mp3Tag. And impossible to ado consistent manual taggimg on anything other than a small collection.

Hi Paul,
I have double checked and can confirm SongKong is used with preview only disabled
I rip from dbpoweramp and double discs are labelled 1/2 and 2/2 but i dont change anything in Songkong. Can you advise exactly how this should be done?
I have rescanned roon several times

Have you run Create Support Files yet?

Yes, did it on tuesday i think? Will try again.

Jyst checking, Im away so havent been able to check.