Fire hd roon remote

Can someone confirm the latest 11th gen. fire hd 10 tablet by amazon is good to go as a remote? Also is the roon app available on amazon? Finally for using just as a remote is there any advantage of the 64gb model vs 32gb model?

Thanks MK.

I have a Fire HD 10 Plus (11th Generation) tablet and it works great as a Roon remote. It also works as a Roon endpoint, in other words one can play music from Roon on the Fire HD tablet. Plus the screen on the Fire HD 10 is really nice.

There is a Roon Remote app available in the Amazon App Store as well in the Google Play store.

No advantage to getting a 64GB model instead of the 32GB model.

I also have a Fire HD 10 (9th Generation), which also works great as Roon remote.

If you decide to get the Fire HD 10 tablet, please PM me since there are several settings in Roon (on the Fire HD 10) one needs adjust to get the best experience.

One advantage of the Fire HD 10 Plus is that one can get the wireless charging stand and use the Fire HD 10 Plus as a “Now Playing” display as well as a Roon remote. Of course one can do the same thing with the regular Fire HD 10 and simple tablet stand.


It’s a bit dated, but mostly still accurate.

No need for this APK business since there is a Roon Remote right there in the Amazon App Store.

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Many thanks. Will get back to you for those settings if i get one hopefully soon.

Good to know! Thanks.

@musickid There is one small issue with the Fire HD tablets and the Roon Remote app that you should be aware of - when Roon releases an update, as they have been doing with some regularity these days, it can take about two weeks for the updated Roon Remote app to appear in the Amazon App Store. Of course the Roon Remote app still works perfectly with the previous version on the Fire HD but just in case the slight lag might bother you, you should be aware.

Here’s something on the positive side: the Fire HD 8 also works perfectly, as in exactly the same as the Fire HD 10, with the Roon Remote app. Yes I also have a Fire HD 8 Plus, which I use as a Roon Remote.

The Apple fan boys will tell us how great the various iPad tablets are when used as a Roon Remote and that is definitely true. However the Fire HD tablets work just as well as the iPads (again I have both and I have done direct comparisons) and cost a lot less. Use the money you save to buy something nice.


And this lag of update in store is the one area where side loading the new Roon apk can be of benefit if the wait concerns anyone.

Or one can side load the Google Play Store apk and then install the Roon Remote from the Google Play Store, which doesn’t have quite as long an update lag as the Amazon App Store version. Just remember that if you installed the Roon Remote from the Amazon App Store then that is where you get all future updates and the same applies if you installed the Roon Remote app from the Google Play store. You shouldn’t mix the two versions.

I usually just download the new APK from the Roon downloads page – it’s the only page in the Silk browser on that device :slight_smile: .

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