Firewall blocking roon

Avast and Windows Defender block Roon from playing on my pc even after setting a rule allowing Roon and RAATserver as authorized apps. If I turn them off Roon will play. The core is on a NUC in the other room. Please advise.

I’m not familiar with Avast. For my Defender firewall, I have these settings:

Hi @Anthony_Melvin,

Do both Avast and Windows Defender block Roon? If you disable one but not the other does Roon then work, or do both need to be stopped for it to work?

I had the same issue using Avast Cloudcare and resolved using the instructions here

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Thanks for the help but it still doesn’t work.

Windows Defender, when configured to allow Roon and Raatserver will allow Roon to play. Avast will not even when configured with application rules.

Hi @Anthony_Melvin,

Can you confirm that you’ve followed the steps outlined below with Avast? Are you still seeing an issue after doing all of this?

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