Firewall ports required between remote and Nucleus+

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

VLAN 30 for Roon Nucleus+ and Naim ND555
VLAN 100 for Macbook Pro (used as remote only)

Connected Audio Devices

Naim ND555 (streamer and audio output) on VLAN 30

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I have a dedicated VLAN for Roon Nucleus and Streamer for network packet isolation (VLAN 30).

However, my Macbook Pro which is on a separate VLAN (VLAN 100) is used as a remote for the Nucleus+ in order to change track or view my music. What ports are required to operate the remote on the Macbook Pro and successfully communicate to the Roon Nucleus?

Thanks in advance

VLANs use separate subnets, and Roon cannot work across subnets. Changing firewall rules will have no impact on this. You must keep the Nucleus, Remotes, and Bridge devices on the same subnet.

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OK thanks for the info.

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It is possible but with some caveats…

  1. It’s not a supported configuration by Roon, therefore you will get little support (if any) if you run into problems

  2. There isn’t a definitive list of ports to open published by Roon and updated AFAIK

  3. The range of ports that may require opening can make firewalling sub-optimal

  4. You will need to route multicast packets from one subnet to another for it to work and allow these multicasts through your firewall.

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