First configuration - Squeezebox Touch not discovered

Macbook Pro early 2013 / MacOS Mojave / Roon version 1.6 build 416 stable 64-bit
Ethernet connection from Mac to Touch via Linksys EA 4500 and Linksys SE2500 switch. Ports
Squeezebox Touch and Apple TV 4K connected to Naim DAC-V1 bt SPDIF and Toslink, respectively
Squeezebox running LMS 7.8.0 16754 EDO (when I ask it to run LMS)
Roon’s option Enable Logitech Support is set.
Norton Internet Security firewall (with Connection Blocking options currently set only partially by me!) as per attached figure. NIS’s Application Blocking is turned off.

Description of Issue:
I am in the third day of one-year trial for Roon subscription. Installation of Roon and discovery of Apple TV 4K (connection by Ethernet) was straightforward. Recognition of my iPhone and iPad (via wireless) also.
The problem is that Roon never recognizes the Touch. And recognizing it is essential for me before I buy Naim ND5XS2. Otherwise I will have to cancel my Roon subscription.

Additional info:
I had two libraries operating in the Squeezebox. The local one is still installed and active; it reads the files from an attached USB HD. The other one (named life) was in the Mac. I removed LMS and its assorted files (from Library and my home user directory) thoroughly and rebooted the Mac.

I have taken several actions and I have repeatedly rebooted the Touch after every step taken and also reinitiated Roon. I have:

  • stopped LMS;
  • redirected Touch to a new library (but it only recognizes the old life and not Roon’s life-roon) and
  • entered the Mac’s Ethernet IP as a new target.

I have read also all the documentation on Touch not being recognised at the site. Now I would really appreciate Roon’s support. Thanks in advance.

The attached figure displays current NIS’s connection blocking setup. Please noticed that there was not mention to slimserver. pl before Roon’s installation. Also I don’t know Is this Roon-related? Anyway turning Connection Blocking off doesn’t changes anything.

Hi @Orlando_Bisacchi_Coe,

Welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out to us here. Just to verify, you have went over our Squeezebox Setup Instructions and you have followed them? There are no other LMS instances still running on the network?

In addition to these, I see a few other tests that we can perform here:

  1. Have you made sure to set “Enable Squeezebox Support” to yes in Roon Settings -> Setup?

  2. You mentioned that the Touch is connected to the Linksys SE2500 switch, is the behavior the same if you connect it to the router instead? What about if you connect it via WiFi?

  3. I would try to completely disable the Norton Firewall as a temporary test and see if that helps with the squeezebox being located.

  4. Sometimes I have seen that factory resetting squeezebox zones help with discover-ability. If possible, I would give this a try.

  5. Is multicast properly configured on your router? I would check to see if this is set properly and possibly try IGMP Snooping and/or IGMP Proxying toggles if applicable.

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As a last option, I want to second this one. Touch’s are notoriously picky when connecting as noted in previous Squeezebox Touch posts. Factory resetting usually works in those cases.


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