First fragment of track not audible

I’ve updated my Devialet to its latest firmware. Have DSD DSP enabled (always had) and the beginning of each track is not audible so depending if a song starts immediately you’ll notice this as you can’t hear this. Any clue what the issue is or how to solve?

In Roon, open Signal Path by clicking the star next to the track title/artist at the bottom of the page.
Click on the three dots top right and select device setup. Set the resync delay to 500ms and click save.

I tried that but that didn’t solve it. Also never had to do so before.

Perhaps need a resync delay greater than 500ms?

Hi @Devialet220User,

If you turn Resync Delay a bit higher that 500ms does the same behavior occur?

Can you try disabling DSP and see if the same behavior occurs when it’s off?

It is indeed due to DSP. If turned off it works fine however even if I set the resync to 2000ms it still does not solve the problem. Wasn’t there before the upgrade

Just discovered it only occurs over RAAT not when using Devialet AIR

Hi @Devialet220User,

Thanks for the info here! Moving forward I’d like for you to reproduce this issue and make a note of the time you start playback. Respond here with that time and we can enable diagnostics on your account so the team can take a closer look at what you’re experiencing.

Can you also share screenshots of your DSP settings?

Hello @Devialet220User,

We are seeing similar behavior with some of the Devialet devices in our lab. I cannot commit to a timeline for a fix, but we are investigating and hope to have some more information to share soon.


Thank you for the update!

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