First Name, Last Name sorting

I can’t seem to get my Conny Olivetti albums to sort under O.

I’ve edited the name sorting:

But still, they’re here:

Instead of here:

Go on. It’s bound to be stupid & obvious, but tell me… What am I doing wrong?

@Snowdog it appears there is a bug which was reported and a “workaround” identified see :-

@dylan was looking into this but there’s no indication of a resolution?

@moderators can this be moved to support category?

Thanks in advance :pray:t4:

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Thanks. That bug is to do with hyphenated names & didn’t actually apply in my case, however I have managed to clarify a couple of things &, following an update this morning, everything is showing as normal, so I guess Roon just needed a restart after all!

I’m glad your problem is resolved but it looks from your screenshots, that the hyphen was causing sorting issues (as in the linked post) which appears to be ongoing.

Anyway, reboots & restarts usually resolve most problems. Happy days.

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I don’t know if related in any way, but maybe worth noting that there are other issues with hyphens as well

Yes, I added the hyphen because it looked as though that’s what Roon wanted when it said:


But I was wrong and ended up just confusing the issue. :rofl:

Thanks again.

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