First part of track not played when using RAAT

That is really great to hear! An important first step.
Devialet though has a bad track record on software issue resolution so my expectations on this are now becomming really low.
Somewhere I read that this is a part of RAAT certification that this issue cannot occurre. Hopefully by that they feel a need to address it.

The issue also descripted earlier:
With RAAT:
I can play a whole album and skip through the tracks with the issue of missing the beginning.
When I add a single track multiple times I cannot skip. When I do you see it timing out and eventually it removes all the instances from the queue and reports “An audio file fail to load”

I assume is Roon related?

I still don’t expect Devialet to actually solve anything. I think Devialet has a black hole where software fixes can’t escape from (or developers).

Aside the joke; How can a company get a RAAT certification when the first beginning of a track isn’t played?

Just installed the latest firmware with very little expectations. I was right. Issue not solved.

Hello @Devialet220User,

We’re continuing to work with the Devialet team, I will ping them for an update on this.


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