Fix for clicks & pops using HRT MicroStreamer


I am using a HRT MicroStreamer DAC connected over USB to a Windows 10 laptop.

I was having a terrible time with random clicks and pops throughout the audio.

The fix was to change the buffer size to 25 milliseconds under Device Setup > Show Advanced.


I have the same problem but cannot find the option to change buffer size under device set up > show advanced. Any suggestions?

I’m not home right now, but I’m pretty sure I had to scroll down and it was one of the last options.

Hello @RichS & @Raj_C,

Can you please provide some more information here?

  • What Operating System are you experiencing this issue on, are you both using Windows 10?
  • How is the HRT Streamer connected in both setups, are they both via USB directly to the Core?
  • Can you both share a Screenshot of your Device Setup tab including the Advanced section?
  • How often to the pops and clicks occur? Is it every track or less often?
  • What does the Signal Path show when these pops occur?


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