Fix the "Tidal album not in Roon" problem!

Please fix this problem!! How many people have to complain ?
I still don’t understand why its not already fixed by now!!

You may want to read Danny’s and Mike’s comments in this thread – most informative.

And you could do with fewer exclamation marks, methinks.


Hi @Erno_Groot_Severt – thanks for the report, but we need some more information to help you.

Why don’t we start with the basics: Can you tell us what albums are missing, and what region you’re in?

Im in the Netherlands, Im missing Miss Montreal - Don’t wake me up, and Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
And thera are Albums under the Single section! I’m sick of it! The Tidal integration is very bad!!

Hmm, although your tone of voice so to say isn’t really encouraging, I checked it. Looks like they are all recently released albums. They don’t show up with me either but I do see them in my Tidal app.

Might something have to do with regional settings in the api. But that’s a wild guess.


I paid 499euro!! I only want a decent program with good Tidal function…
Ist still a problem in Roon ist already a problem since last year.
I thought they will fix it.
But i now have to report wich album wich artist everytime again.

@Erno_Groot_Severt – there is no bug here. New releases take time (sometimes hours, sometimes a few days) to appear in Roon because of the process by which TIDAL give us data and the process by which we ingest it. We are working to improve this time, but it will never be real-time.

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There is no bug? Why not real time?? Explain it please?

@Erno_Groot_Severt I wrote about why it is not real time here:

And I wrote more about the process 2 posts later, here:

and @Carl described the situation a bit more here:

@mike described the situation explicilty about new releases, especially the ‘surprise’ ones here:

Is it possible to use the Tidal desktop app and stream it to my roonready device?
That would be al sollutionn

Not possible.

Unfortunately not… the TIDAL desktop app can only play to computer-connected sound devices.

Personally I don’t have an issue with the delay and also understand, I think, why this happens.

Just a long shot, but would a 2 tierd approach be an option?

1 New albums are available the same time they appear in TIDAL without the enhanced metadata (should be possible, since other services with TIDAL integration do have this)

2 As soon as roon has done it’s magic data thing, push that update to the subscribers.

In this way albums are available the moment they are available in TIDAL just without the enhanced metadata for the short period where roon is updating their metadata.

I also don’t have issues with delay but Three Weeks ?!
Miss Montreal - Don’t Wake Me Up is finally on Roon Tidal section i’m very happy.
But it’s under Roon Tidal, Single / Ep section. In Tidal desktop app i’ts under Albums why does this occur?
When add this Album to Roon Library it will appear under Main Album.