Fixed volume switches to device volume

I use Aries connected to a NAD M51 DAC as one of my endpoints. I set up the Aries in Roon as “Fixed Volume” for Volume Control in the Device Setup menu. However, once I finish listening and shut off the integrated amp and DAC, the next time I start up the system, Roon switches the Volume Control to “Device Volume” and I have to change it back to “Fixed Volume”. (After listening sessions, the Aries always stays on; only the integrated amp and DAC are shut off.)

Roon Core is running 24/7 on a QNAP NAS. I’m running Roon 1.6 (build 401) stable. The Aries is connected via ethernet cable to a networks switch as is the NAS. USB from the Aries to the NAD DAC. The volume control setting on the Aries itself (using it’s web interface) is Disabled.

Any help to keep my selected preference of “Fixed Volume” in Roon for the Aries would be appreciated. Thx.

Hi @Pacoinmass,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m going to check in with the team for suggestions on what you’re experiencing here and I’ll be sure to reach out as soon as I receive their feedback.

Hi @Pacoinmass,

Can you try setting the device to Fixed Volume from the Lightning DS app?


Thx. I’ll try that. Wanted to also share this…just noticed it today. In the first screenshot you can see that Roon says the Aries is set to “Volume control is Fixed.” In the second screen shot, Roon shows that Volume Control for the Aries is set to “Device Volume”. Will try the above and let you know what happens later today.


That didn’t work. Here are the results. As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, Roon doesn’t even say that the Aries is set to Hardware control. And the 3rd screenshot shows “Device Volume”…and yet I can adjust the slider to lower the volume through Roon even though the Aries says “Hardware Control”. Only way to get Fixed Volume through Roon is to change it in Roon manually every time. This doesn’t happen if I’m using Lightning DS directly without using Roon.

Hello @Pacoinmass,

In the Lightning DS settings screen, change the “Enable Volume Control” option to the off position. This should result in the DAC appearing in Roon with the “Fixed Volume” option even after rebooting the DAC.



Thx for continuing to investigate.

Reviewing my original post, I see that i didn’t mention that in the Lightning DS settings screen, the “Enable Volume Control” option was in the “off” position. However I will change the setting back to “off” and reboot the Aries and NAD to see what happens. WIll provide an update later today.


Not quite sure why (since my original setting had “enable volume control” in the off setting), however the Fixed Volume selection in Roon now works as expected…when shutting off/turning on the Aries, NAD, and Roon nor when I simply turn off the NAD and Roon it stays at Fixed Volume rather than reverting to Device Volume. Have tested over the past few days. Thx.

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