Fixing pics that show up in skipped files

Just a pic PSA really, though if Roon wants to see a copy of the original non-compliant pic(s), let me know & I’ll upload.

Did a little experimentation & found how to fix pics that were showing up in skipped files for no reason I could otherwise ID.

I had earlier tried renaming the pic and/or the folder name and/or relocating the pic, but that didn’t work.

I then took the pic into MS Office Pic Mgr (but I’m sure it could’ve been any basic pic editor) & re-sizing them downwards to varying degrees to see if I could find the max size allowed. All re-sized variants worked (did not show up in skipped files), and even 90% or 99% (of orig size) would take the alt pic out of the skipped files purgatory.

Then, as a last test, I resized to exactly the same size, and to a size exactly one pixel smaller in both the W & H dimensions. Those worked too.

See the 2 pics below as examples. There is a big difference in file-size, even when I re-sized (not compressed, by the way) to exactly the same dimensions, so I assume there was some weird header, or other aspect of the file that I know nothing about.

Anyway, if you’ve got a pic stuck in “skipped files” purgatory, try re-sizing to the same size, and see if the copy becomes Roon-compliant.

edit – sometimes that doesn’t work. But in that case, the one with 1 less pixel each dim worked. In another case, a straight copy worked. In another case, un-ticking the “Archive” attribute in Properties worked. In yet another case, converting from a .tif to a .jpg was required. In short, if you futz with it, you’ll probably be able to make them work.

So, for instance, in the pics below, for Dave Davies testing & DSC9093 show as skipped files, but DSC9093-copy 9 & copy 10 do not. And for the Chet Atkins, CDTray remains in skipped files, but the other 2 variants now work.

Hi @trtlrock ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for slow response here. Your patience is VERY appreciated.

We want to try and reproduce this behavior you are reporting in house and would like to test with one of the original “non-compliant pics”. Are you able to provide me with a sample via a dropbox download link in a PM?


Not right now – went through the intricate dance yesterday to “fix” a bunch more. I too would like to know what Roon is being so “picky” about. Will send samples when I next see the issue.

Hi - just wanted to say that I too encountered these issues . . . the fix is simple enough.

Simply use a tagging tool to extract the embedded cover art to overwrite the ‘folder.jpg’ file. This ensures you meet roons’ import rules about the embedded artwork not being larger than the image file in the folder.

Then you need to restart the roon core; Force refresh the library and voila . . . your skipped image files issues should be gone.

I swear by the Tag&Rename tool (Windows) and indeed when you compare the embedded image filesize to the folder jpeg file they can be different sizes (in my experience 1-12kbytes).This tool also allows you to batch this process . . . so you save some time.


Interesting. I have no embedded cover art, though.

“roons’ import rules about the embedded artwork not being larger than the image file in the folder.”

Can you point me to these rules?

I think there’s many things going on here; I’ve had mp3 files, flac files, jpg files, png files, etc all show up as skipped. As somewhat noted above, the fixes were various & seemingly random.

Yes - in the skipped files dialog there is a link to the roon knowledge base that describes the file parsing in detail.

The solution I provided definitely addressed the problem I had. Roon also detected a corrupt mp3 file (I have very few mp3s) and I used a tool called ‘MP3 Diags’ to remove the unknown streams and that solved that problem.

Tackle your problems one-at-a-time and you’ll do fine.

Hi Eric – you wanted some files (in this case pics) the next time I ran across a pile of stuff in the Library->Skipped Files area. Here you go; everything in the zip file was skipped.

Hi @trtlrock — Thank you for following up with me. Confirming that the package has been received and the content has been added to my testing queue for evaluation.

Once I have some feedback, I will be sure to follow up promptly with my thoughts/findings. You’re patience is greatly appreciated!