Flac 64khz/24bit not visible in Roon

Win 10 64, i9900k, roon 1.7 505
Zyxel NAS520
DAC: Asus Essence STU

Roon cannot index flac 64/24 bit. Is it a common issue? Bug or feature?


Hi, @Grzegorz_Gromadzki, thanks for the report. Could you, please, share this file with us, so we can investigate the case? Is it possible for you to do this via GDrive or Dropbox? If so, could you, please, send me a shared link via Private Message. If not – just let me know, I will find another way to share the file.



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How did you get your hands on a 64kHz file?


When you convert from 96 (aka 192) to 32khz (64khz) in foobar with resampler (SSRC) to save a space from unneeded noise. I am using SPEK to check if conversion is a proper one - no flats or not freqs without information.

Just another user kibitzing, but I seem to remember there was a problem, with some software, converting and re-sampling in the same pass.

It is about spectrum of your digital files. The most of digitals are in 44.1kHz. Some ripps from vinyl give you fake 192kHz (96). Spek easly can give you more info about it.

from: https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=146223.0

But you are right, it was in single pass, not 2-pass conversion.

Does your example show a fake? Would a true 96k file show ‘green’ further up in the display?

I’m curious to learn…I’ve found http://spek.cc and will read there

In general spek shows where there is a “usable” data in your files. The funniest are concerts in 192kHz where all sounds end at 36-40kHz (sometimes not even 44.1). The file is bloated but there is no possible difference in quality when you cut your file at 44.1khz. Sometimes 192kHz are just upsampled files with highlited some (periodic) peaks. It would be great if something like spek be an option in Roon.

What’s the point of chopping down, to save space?

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Yes, mostly. Currently i am using hdd disks in my nas, so when playing 150mb files via dlna can be more problematic than playing same file in 80mb. Also - waste of space.

I’d definitely be in the life’s too short to be doing that camp. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, with enterprise class 4 tb hard drives on sale for 89 USD atm, I agree.

Now i am using 2 x 3tb that I bought 3 years ago.Lately times changed greatly. In 2020 I am planning move to QNAP TS-332X (2x6TB + 1x2TB Nvme).

In root: My problem is a simple one - why on PC i can play 24/64 on windows media player, media player classic, foobar, aimp, Groove…but in “premium” magic application i cannot:

  • play 24/64, but i can play 16/48
  • play wma (like any XX and XXI century app does)
  • read cue (like foobar does)

And you are right…I missed on amazon.de external 6TB for 88Euro…maybe on “cyber monday”…

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This is one of the prime times to buy computer upgrades, imho.

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