Flex 2 (not 2i) compatible with Roon and Alexa?

(Jay Kay) #1

For some reason it’s difficult to find comparative data between the Flex 2i and the Flex 2

Anyway, a local hifi shop has the Flex 2 available for significantly less than the 2i. However, if it’s not Roon Ready and capable of being controlled by Alexa (and Google once it goes live) then I’d have second thoughts. Can anyone chime in on the major differences between the two products, especially on whether the Flex 2 is Roon Ready and voice controllable?


(David Roberts) #2

I have a couple of older (pre-i) Flex units, and they work perfectly as Roon endpoints. Haven’t tried Alexa integration with them though.


It’s not a Flex, but the Node 2 is pre-i and it works fine as a Roon endpoint.

I haven’t tried the Alexa integration yet either.

(Jay Kay) #4

Thanks. And just to ensure I’m understanding everything correctly - it works as an RAAT endpoint (as in Roon Ready, not just Roon Tested)?

Sorry - new to all of this and it’s a bit of a minefield


No worries. Roon is sophisticated, but it is also manageable (especially with this helpful community).

They say the Flex 2 is Roon Ready.

I’m not up on all the differences between that and Roon Tested, but I haven’t had a problem the Node 2.

(Jay Kay) #6

That’s great, cheers.
I know the difference with Roon Tested is that they have a sample of the product in their possession at Roon and can confirm that it plays nicely with the software and behaves as predicted. However, Roon Ready means it’s developed in conjunction with Roon and has the code built into the device/equipment.

While the technical details are not all that important to me, I will be trying to match all my equipment and keep “Roon Ready” status because, if I’m to group equipment for playback, I don’t want to have loads of different groups, because it means I can’t play back, for example, one album synchronised across all of my equipment if they’re in different groups. That’s why this is important, so I really appreciate the feedback

(David Roberts) #7

My Flex 2’s show up as Roon Ready without issue


Happy to have helped.

I don’t have any synchronized zones or groups, but have heard that those who do have had some Issues.

Maybe @David_Roberts can comment on this?

Otherwise, enjoy your Flex 2s!

(David Roberts) #9

I almost always use synchronized playback. But the various devices are far enough apart that there could be small synch issues that I wouldn’t hear.